Abba: The Discography (Print)

February 23, 2021 3 min read

Abba Discography Print

Abba: The Discography (Print)

Abba: 8 studio albums chock full of fabulous tunes. How do we know they are fabulous? Because we can whistle them, we can hum them, and even if we haven't heard them for years, it only takes a moment and we're singing along...Money, Money, Money...Mamma Mia...Take A Chance On Me

We've created an Abba Discography print as part of our new discography series. Details of the print below, but first, why did we choose Abba? Simple: great music, and lots of it! More than enough to fill up a discography print!

Abba Music

Abba's big hits are very, very well known (especially following the Mamma Mia stage show and the movies), but there's a wealth of memorable melodies on the albums too: Move On from Abba: The Album, My Love, My Life from Arrival, Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) from Waterloo.

And there are some brilliant individual musical performances on Abba songs: apart from the ever-present awesome vocal harmonies, listen to the bass playing on The Name Of The Game, the drums on Soldiers, the piano outro on Chiquitita. Fantastic stuff. 

Of course, when talking about Abba, we must mention the clothes. Consider the clothes now mentioned; it's the music we're talking about here. 

The Benny and Bjorn songwriting partnership has endured long after Abba packed it all in (although, there are tantalising, credible reports of five newly recorded Abba songs set to be released in 2021). 

Now, let's take a brief skip through the eight Abba studio albums...let's pick one (not so obvious) song from each album...

(1) Ring Ring - Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother

Country rock meets Swedish folk, all wrapped up in a nice, bouncy little song that doesn't hang around getting started, not terribly Abba-like when compared to some of their later work, but very enjoyable nonetheless.

(2) Waterloo - What About Livingstone?

Historical references, a lumpy, bumpy bass, all driven along by a lovely, simple understated piano and some twangy guitar on the chorus - what's not to like?

(3) ABBA - I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

I just love the sheer flood of joy that's evident in this song, and I love the big band sound, and the swinging, surging tune. Wonderful! And what a bold title for a song! Can anyone think of a song with a more repetitive title?!

(4) Arrival - Why Did It Have To Be Me?

The chugging boogie woogie feel and the guitars in this song are brilliant, the saxophone breaks are perfect and the vocal call and response of the verse and chorus work a treat. Oh, and it's another cracking tune, of course.

(5) Abba: The Album - I Wonder (Departure)

This is a wonderful song; wonderful melody and mood, wonderful vocal performance, perfect piano and very strong lyrics. It's my favourite Abba song. There's a beautiful instrumental piano version of this song on Benny Andersson's rather fabulous Piano album.

(6) Voulez-Vous - Does Your Mother Know 

A rockin' little number with a brilliantly effective intro - who'd ever guess it was Abba until the vocal harmonies kick in? 

(7) Super Trouper - The Piper

A mysterious opening and prog-rock-tinged verse combined with a fine folky chorus, and a bit of military percussion thrown in - a winning combination. Parts of this song remind me of some of Mike Oldfield's work.

(8) The Visitors - Soldiers

Those drums! Aren't they just perfect?! And the bass that joins the drums! A beautiful melody too, harmony follows harmony, the vocal parts twist in and out of each other. All in all, a very pleasurable noise, and weighty subject matter.


What's Your Choice?

If you had to choose a song from each album, your choice will almost certainly differ from my choice above - drop in a comment below to tell us your choice (and why!). That's the thing about Abba's music: there are so many great songs to choose from!


The Abba Discography Print shows all 8 Abba studio albums, 2 live albums and the 26 singles that reached the UK Top 40. Find out more details here.

If you're not an Abbaholic but you fancy the idea of a discography print for your favourite artist, check out the whole discography collection here. And if your favourite artist isn't covered, get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do to rectify that situation!

Abba discography record collection print

...and here is some of the detail, a catalogue of fabulous pop songs:

Abba discography record collection poster

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