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Foo Fighters Gifts - Unique Gifts For Foo Fighters Fans

June 25, 2021 3 min read

gift ideas for Foo Fighters fans

Foo Fighters Gifts - Unique Gifts For Foo Fighters Fans

Foo Fighters first album - cunningly titled 'Foo Fighters' - was released back in 1995. They've recorded a series of successful albums right up to 2021's 'Medicine at Midnight'. They've had number one albums all over the world. 

Dedicated Foo Fighters fans probably have all the music already, so what Foo Fightery item can you get them as a gift? Check out the unique gift ideas below...

1. Foo Fighters Record Collection Discography Print

A fabulous piece of wall art that pictures all ten Foo Fighters studio albums and their live album - yes, only one live album so far (perhaps Dave Grohl and the boys will on day release some live material from their 2021/22 tour?). Also included are lots of singles, including all those that reached the top 30 in the UK charts or top 75 in the US singles chart. The records are all pictured at the same size and they appear as if on a shelf, leaning against once another. It's a real celebration of Foo Fighters music.

You can personalise this print as well - your message is integrated into the print design and appears on record spines at the top right hand corner of the print. The beauty of being able to add a message is that you can make the print really personal.


Foo Fighters record collection discography print



Here's some detail of the record spines - we print the artist name, record title and the year it was released on each one:

 Foo Fighters record collection discography print

2. Foo Fighters Discography Wheel Wall Art

A discography wheel is a cross between a geometric artwork and an infographic. It's created from all the Foo Fighters studio albums and all the songs on them. Below the artwork, all the album titles and song titles are printed, so you can identify each song from each album on the wheel.

Foo Fighters Discography Wheel Wall Art

The discography wheel shows each song represented by an arrow - the length of the arrow represents the length of the song, so the wheel is made of 'spokes' of different lengths. This wall art takes a long time to research and put together but the result is a striking Foo Fighters music print.

Foo Fighters Discography Wheel Wall Art

 3. Foo Fighters Custom Alternative Album Art - Geometric Art

We use one form of art (a rock music album) to create another, a geometric artwork. Using the song lengths of all the songs on an album, we create a unique image. These pieces are striking and you can choose from several colour combinations.

The artwork below is for the Foo Fighters album The Colour and the Shape (released in 1997). The artwork shows that the album's opening song, Doll, is the shortest on the album and the closing song, New Way Home, is the longest.  But more than the information revealed by these artworks, it's the overall look that's appealing. There are several other geometric styles too.

We can also add a Spotify Code to the bottom of geometric art prints, so you can play the album by scanning the code using the Spotify App on your phone.

Foo Fighters The Colour And The Shape Geometric Art

4. Foo Fighters Albums Crossword

Who'd have thought it? Rock 'n' Roll and Crosswords. Well, this combination does work. Here are all the Foo Fighters studio albums rendered in crossword form. The clues give the release date and, for albums with longer titles, the second half of the title. Can any crossword-addict Foo Fighters fan really do without this on their wall? 

 Foo Fighters Crossword Print

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