Gifts for Genesis Fans

April 23, 2021 4 min read

Unique gifts for Genesis fans

Gifts for Genesis Fans

Genesis were one of the biggest bands in the world. For those in the know there's the three-man era, the four-man era and the five-man era. There are the Gabriel years, the Collins years and the Wilson year. There's prog-Genesis and pop-Genesis. There's studio Genesis and live Genesis.

It's well-known that the first Genesis album, From Genesis To Revelation, sold just a few hundred copies when it was released. I wonder whether anyone who bought that original album followed Genesis through all their different incarnations and attended one of the 2022 tour shows. 

Genesis fans have a lot of music to choose from. There are all the Genesis albums, of course - 15 studio albums, 6 live albums, a couple of EPs and numerous non-album tracks scattered across numerous singles.

Then there are all the solo works, those by Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel being the best known. There are Mike and the Mechanics albums, Mike Rutherford albums, Tony Banks albums, albums by Steve Hackett, Anthony Phillips, Ray Wilson, not forgetting albums by Chester Thompson and Daryl Stuermer

So choosing a gift for a Genesis fan shouldn't be hard - there's a lot of music to choose from (well over 200 albums all together!). Want a few suggestions from the lesser-known parts of the Genesis catalogue of releases? 

  • Try A Hot Night In Paris by the Phil Collins Big Band to hear a big band , high-energy take on Los Endos
  • Try Steve Hackett's Metamorpheus for beautiful (sometimes haunting) instrumental acoustic guitar plus orchestral music
  • Try Peter Gabriel's Scratch My Back for voice plus orchestra cover versions 
  • Try Tony Banks' Five (or Six or Seven) for an orchestral album 
  • Try Anthony Phillips' Field Day for acoustic guitar instrumentals and sketches
  • Try Mike Rutherford's Smallcreeps Day for something a bit more proggy

But you're not restricted to just music. You could choose a unique artwork created from a Genesis album...

1. Genesis Record Collection Print

A print that celebrates the entire output of the band - Genesis albums and solo albums from all the members. The albums are pictured in a row, as though on a shelf, leaning against each other. Each print includes all the Genesis studio and live albums plus key albums from each band member.

If you want, you can leave it to us to decide which albums to include. Or, you can choose the album selection yourself - so if you want to fill your print with the many albums of Steve Hackett, you can. 

You can also include an optional personal message too. 

Genesis and solo members record collection print


Here's a close up so you can see some of the detail...

Genesis Record Collection Print - close up


We also have a Genesis Discography Record Collection print that concentrates just on releases by the band: all the Genesis original studio albums, some of the live albums and all the singles that reached the top ten in the UK or USA. Read more about this Genesis Discography Print here.

Genesis record collection discography print

If you're a Phil Collins fan, there's this Phil Collins Discography Print.

If you're a fan of Peter Gabriel, there's a Peter Gabriel Discography Print.

2. Genesis Discography Wheel Print

This is a unique artwork created from every song on every Genesis studio album. The artwork resembles a wheel - every album is a different colour and every track appears as an arrow where the arrow's length is determined by the length of the song. So Supper's Ready from the Foxtrot album is, obviously, the longest arrow.

All the albums and track listings appear below the artwork so it's easy to look at the artwork and identify a particular track on a particular album. 

Genesis Discography Wheel Print

Here's a close up of this unique gift for Genesis fans:

Genesis Discography Wheel Print - close up


3. Any Genesis Album Turned Into Geometric Art

We turn any Genesis album (or, indeed, any album by any other artist) in to a unique piece of geometric art. 

How do we create the artwork? We use the playing time of each songs on an album, so there's a direct link between the artwork and the album; the art wouldn't exist if the album didn't exist. This wall art is perfect for those who love the Genesis band but would prefer a unique piece of art on their wall rather than a band photo. It's about using one piece of art (an album) to create another piece of art.

Read more about how we create geometric art from albums here.

See 10 classic albums turned into geometric art here

Here's are a couple of examples - first Abacab:

Genesis Abacab Geometric Art

Here's the Foxtrot album, shown in a different style of geometric art. That huge circle at the bottom represents Supper's Ready and the tiny circle just beside it is the beautiful little instrumental guitar piece Horizons.

Genesis Foxtrot album turned into geonetric art

4. Genesis Albums And Songs Print

A unique print that shows every Genesis studio album and every song on every album, all arranged as a piece of word art. Each album and its songs are colour-coded so it's easy to see which songs belong on each album. It doesn't matter if you prefer Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel or Ray Wilson as singer, all the albums are here...

The closer you get, the more detail you can appreciate...

5. Genesis Line Up Print

This piece of wall art was originally designed for families, but it's a fun way to show a band line-up too, and because Genesis have been around for so long and gone through many different line-up changes, you can choose your favourite line-up! Here's an example of the classic five-man line up:

Genesis Line Up Print

6. A Genesis Albums Quiz

If you're choosing a gift for a Genesis fan - or you're a Genesis fan yourself - try our Genesis albums quiz - it's a quiz about all the Genesis studio albums. It'll test you in a way that's different to any Genesis quiz you've done before. Drop a comment below to let us know how you get on!

Try the Genesis Albums Quiz

We create unique wall art for lots of music artists, not just Genesis. 

See all elevencorners music discography prints here.

See all elevencorners music wall art here, including turning albums into geometric art.

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