Pearl Jam Gifts - Unique Gifts For Pearl Jam Fans

June 09, 2021 3 min read

Pearl Jam Gifts - Unique Gifts For Pearl Jam Fans

Gifts For Pearl Jam Fans

Pearl Jam released their first album way back in 1991. And what an incredibly successful album it was: Ten has gone Platinum 13 times in the USA, 7 times in Australia and Canada and double Platinum in the UK. A hard act to follow, but Pearl Jam's subsequent albums have been extremely successful too. 

Since Ten, Pearl Jam have released another 10 studio albums, so there's a lot of music out there for fans who like to have a copy of everything.

When you're looking for a gift for a Pearl Jam fan, it doesn't have to be the music; there are other gift options too, like the unique Pearl Jan wall art below. 

1. Pearl Jam Discography Record Collection Print

A print that pictures all the Pearl Jam studio albums, from Ten (1991) right up to Gigaton (2020). Also included on this record collection print are four live albums and lots of singles, including all those that reached the US Hot 100 or UK Top 50. It's a real celebration of Pearl Jam music.

You can personalise the print by adding an optional message. The message is discreetly printed, with each word appearing at the bottom of a different record spine. Adding your own message is a great way to make your gift a little bit more personal. 

Pearl Jam Discography Record Collection Print

A close up view shows the album and song title printed on the record spines:

Pearl Jam Discography Record Collection Print


2. Pearl Jam Discography Wheel Wall Art

 A unique discography infographic of all the Pearl Jam studio albums, and every song on every album - the album and song titles are shown below the artwork. The albums and songs are colour-coded, so it's easy to identify the songs that appear on each album.

The artwork was created by using the playing time of each song. Each song is represented as a 'spoke' in the 'wheel' - the length of the spoke shows the length of the song. The overall look has a striking 'starburst' effect. A unique gift for Pearl Jam fans.

Here's a close up to see some of the detail:

Pearl Jam Discography Wheel Print

Pearl Jam Discography Wheel Print

3. Pearl Jam Albums And Song Titles Print

Every Pearl Jam studio album title and every song title on each of those albums, all on one poster! Albums and songs are colour coded so you can identify which songs belong to each album. A unique piece of Pearl Jam wall art - you can play 'spot your favourite song!'

Pearl Jam album and song titles print

Here's a close up so you can see a little more of the detail...

Pearl Jam album and song titles print

4. Pearl Jam Discography Crossword Print

Crosswords and a rock band are not an obvious combination! But who cares? Maybe the fact that it's not obvious is why it works so well! Pearl Jam album titles are relatively short, which means they all fit together as a crossword rather nicely.

We have two versions - one showing just album titles and one, with a very traditional crossword look, with titles in the crossword grid and clues printed below the grid. The clues are the album release dates.

You can personalise either of the crosswords below with your own message (your message is printed at the bottom of the print, below the band name).

Pearl Jam Albums Crossword Print

Here's the traditional crossword version with the clues:

Pearl Jam Albums Crossword Print

5. Pearl Jam Cassette Tape Print - with Spotify Code

A personalised cassette tape print where you customise the cassette label and an optional title and subtitle. If you want, we can add a Spotify Code at the bottom of the print so you can scan the code with the Spotify App on your phone to play the music.

There are several other cassette tape print designs too, showing from one to eight cassette tapes. All of them can be personalised with Pearl Jam songs!

Pearl Jam Personalised Cassette Tape Print

6. Custom Geometric Artwork for a Pearl Jam Album

We use one form of art (the music on an album) to create another, a geometric artwork. Using the song lengths of all the songs on an album, we create a unique piece of art. These pieces are striking and we offer several colour combinations.

The artwork for Pearl Jam's Vitalogy is shown below. The top of the artwork shows the album's opener (Last Exit) and the bottom of the artwork shows the long and unusually titled album closer (Hey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me).

We can also add a Spotify Code to the bottom of geometric art prints.

Read this to find out more about how we create geometric art from albums.

Pearl Jam Vitalogy alternative artwork

We create unique wall art for lots of music artists, not just Pearl Jam. 

See all elevencorners music discography prints here.

See all elevencorners music wall art here, including turning albums into geometric art.

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