Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas - Personalised Prints

May 24, 2021 3 min read

Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas - Personalised Prints

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas - Personalised Prints

Wedding gifts aren't always easy to choose. If there's a wedding list, you can at least make a 'safe' gift choice, even if it's not terribly personal. We specialise in personal gifts, and we've collected a few personalised wedding gift ideas here that are beautiful, personal and unique

Why are personalised gifts particularly good for weddings? 

  • They show you've thought about your gift; you've treated the happy couple as individuals, not as just 'someone else to get a gift for'
  • They're unique and special, they're not something that's been mass-produced in a factory half way across the world, they're something that's created specially for two particular people on one very special occasion.
  • You can often add a little bit of 'you' to the gift (like a personal message)

Read this blog post for all the other reasons why personalised gifts are so good, for both the giver and the receiver

(1) Personalised Wedding Crossword Print

Wall art that celebrates the wedding day itself, a wedding crossword print shows a host of details about the wedding in a beautiful, compact, simple way.

Weddings often have lots of 'memorabilia' associated with them - guest books, photo books, videos. A wedding crossword puts all the most important details on a single piece of word art. And it's so unique and so personal, and this is what makes it a great wedding gift.

Personalised Wedding Crossword Print

(2) Personalised Coordinates Print

Personalised coordinates prints are great gifts for many occasions but they're especially good for weddings because they mark the exact spot on the planet where the couple gets married.

Elevencorners coordinates print designs have space to add your own message too, so you can make the print really personal for the wedding couple.

Personalised Coordinates Print

You could also choose a more modern personalised coordinates print design, with a geometric pattern created from the actual longitude/latitude coordinates of the wedding venue. 

Personalised geometric coordinates print

(3) Personalised Wedding Date Print

A custom print showing the wedding date - a date that will be special to the wedding couple for the rest of their lives. You can add your own message to make it more personal. This one is in an elegant script style font - we have other, more traditional styles too.

Personalised Special Date Print

If you think the people to whom you're giving the wedding gift would prefer images hanging on their walls instead of text, you could choose a custom artwork created from their wedding date. It makes a lovely story to go along with the print: the design is a geometric representation of the their special day. 

Here's a close up of part of a personalised mandala special date design. On the print, there's room below the artwork for your own message.

Personalised Mandala Special Date Print

You can read more about personalised Mandala Date prints here.

Here's an alternative personalised geometric art design that's made from a wedding date - this one's in purple, but we can create them in lots of different colours. If you chose, you can add a message of your own below the artwork.

Personalised Geometric Art Special Date Print

(4) Personalised Cassette Tape First Dance Print

This personalised wedding print is lots of fun, but you might have to do some detective work! It depends on whether you can find out which song the wedding couple are going to dance to first. Sometimes this is a closely guarded secret!

This retro music print is personalised with a song title and a message.

Personalised Cassette Tape Print


Do you have any ideas for personalised wedding prints? We'd love to hear them!

You can see the full range of elevencorners personalised wedding prints here.

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