Phil Collins Gifts - Unique Gifts For Phil Collins Fans

October 27, 2021 3 min read

gifts for phil collins fans

Phil Collins Gifts - Unique Gifts For Phil Collins Fans

Phil Collins has a rather incredible track record.

He's one of only three artists to have sold 100 million albums as both a solo artist and as part of a group (the other two being Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson). He was ever-present and everywhere in the 1980s - music, film, TV. He played both sides of the Atlantic during Live Aid. He's done film music, he's done a Big Band album, he's done dozens and dozens and dozens of session appearances as a drummer. He's produced albums for other artists.

Phil Collins has been troubled by hearing and walking difficulties for several years now and yet, he goes on, currently enjoying a very well-received and reviewed set of Genesis performances that Covid did its best to stop.

So what gift do you get for a Phil Collins fan? There's certainly no shortage of music, and there's an in-depth autobiography (Not Dead Yet). There's also some unique wall art...

1. Phil Collins Discography Record Collection Print

Phil Collins has released so much music that it easily fills a record collection print. This is a discography with a difference: each release is pictured as a record, with the title and year printed on the spine. All records are shown at the same size, including the singles - they're easier to read this way and this print is meant to give the impression of a record collection rather than be an exact replica of one.

It shows all Phil Collins' 8 studio albums, his live album, 2 Disney soundtrack albums and all the singles that reached the top 15 in the UK singles charts or top 20 in the US Billboard Hot 100. 



Phil Collins record collection discography print

A close up view reveals more of the detail...



Phil Collins record collection discography print


This record collection print has the option of including your own message. The message is printed on up to 4 record spines at the top right of the design (so it looks as through the message is part of the record spines rather than an afterthought). 

Adding a message is a brilliant way to make the print really personal, so it's a great option to have if you're choosing this print as a gift for a Phil Collins fan.

2. Phil Collins Discography Wheel Print

A discography wheel is a cross between an infographic and a piece of geometric art. This one shows all Phil Collins' studio albums and the tracks on each one. The length of each 'spoke' of the wheel shows the length of the song.

Everything is colour coded so it's easy to see which songs are on each album, and it's easy to see that the longest Phil Collins song is Colours (from ...But Seriously). The same album also has Phil Collins' shortest song (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning).

Phil Collins discography wheel print

Phil Collins discography wheel print

3. Phil Collins Wall Of Music Print

Every song on every studio album, colour coded and arranged as a unique piece of word art. This wall art celebrates Phil Collin's amazing catalogue of music - there are so many well-known and well-loved songs here!

Phil Collins Wall Music Print

Phil Collins Wall Of Music Print

4. Your Favourite Phil Collins Song

Some songs have special meanings - perhaps there's a Phil Collins song that has a special meaning for you or for someone you want to get a gift for. Sometimes a simple image with a simple message is all you need.

Personalised cassette tape print

5. ...And Then There Was Genesis

Phil Collins work with Genesis is available as a whole different set of unique wall art. You can see the Genesis wall art here.

We create unique wall art for lots of music artists, not just Phil Collins. 

See all elevencorners music discography prints here.

See all elevencorners music wall art here, including turning albums into geometric art.

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