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Spotify Prints - Spotify Code Art And Personalised Prints (A Perfect Match!)

May 27, 2021 4 min read

Spotify Prints - Spotify Code Art and Personalised Prints - A Perfect Match!

Spotify Prints - Spotify Code Art And Personalised Prints (A Perfect Match!)

Spotify Codes are a brilliant idea. They're a beautifully simple way to access music on Spotify. If you're already using Spotify Codes you'll know what I mean but if not...well, read on....

You scan the Spotify Code with your mobile phone (just like taking a photo) and the music linked to the code starts playing! It really is as easy at that! 

You need:

  • the Spotify App on your phone
  • a Spotify Code to scan
  • Er...that's it!

Spotify Codes are powerful. They can play an individual song, an album, a playlist or music from a particular artist. 

Spotify Codes are also rather elegant and beautiful. They could have designed them to be ugly and functional (they could have been like the bar codes you find on packets of cornflakes in the supermarket). But, no, Spotify Codes have nice rounded edges on each of the bars and they added the Spotify logo at the beginning, the little icon that looks like sound waves emanating from a speaker. Good job.

And because Spotify Codes look beautiful, they don't look out of place if you put them on a piece of wall art. In fact, they're a positive enhancement to some pieces of wall art...

Personalised Music Wall Art

We create geometric art from albums - we use the song lengths of every song on an album to create an artwork (we use one form of art to create another). You can find the details and some examples here:

Read about geometric art created from albums here.

Check out geometric art for 10 classic albums here.

But wouldn't it be good (as Nik Kershaw once sang) if you could appreciate the custom geometric artwork for your favourite album but you could also point your phone at it to play the music! Well, thanks to Spotify Codes, you can! We can print the spotify code for an album at the bottom of the print. It's a perfect match. 

You don't have to search for the album or the artist on a little mobile phone screen, you don't have to squint to read the text or scroll up and down and backwards and forwards. You just point your phone at the Spotify Code on the print! Easy. If you're giving a piece of custom geometric album art as a gift to someone, adding the Spotify Code is a nice, thoughtful, touch. 

Imagine a whole picture wall of geometric album art - all your favourite albums, all together. And you could scan any one of the Spotify Codes to hear the music. It would be a Spotify Song Wall of custom geometric art. It would look beautiful and be a unique gallery of music.

Here's an example of a custom geometric artwork for an album - it's one of several different styles we can create. The artwork dominates the print, of course - in this case a rather fetching black and teal colour combination.

The artwork for every album is unique because the number and the length of the songs is different for every album. Below the art the album title and track listing are printed (this is optional - you don't have to show these). And right at the bottom is the discreet little Spotify Code.

Album geometric artwork with a spotify code

Here's a closer look at the Spotify Code:

Geometric album art with Spotify Code - close up


Cassette Tapes, Special Songs And Spotify Codes

Individual songs can be special for lots of reasons. They remind us of a time or a place or an event or a person. You might not have heard a song for years - decades, even - but when you do hear it by chance somewhere, it's amazing the effect it can have on you! You still remember it, through all the years! The music can transport you back in time for a few moments. 

So celebrating a special song with a piece of wall art is obvious. And just as obvious is including the Spotify Code on the wall art so you can play the song instantly.

Here's a personalised cassette tape print - you can personalised it with a song (or album) and your own message below the cassette tape. Right at the bottom is the Spotify Code.

Personalised Cassette Tape Print with Spotify Code

The first dance song at a wedding is a prime example of a special song. Couples often have 'our song' (wasn't there a segment on the Simon Bates  radio show called 'Our Tune' long ago?). When we get sad we might turn to a particular song for comfort or to wallow for a while. When we're happy, we might have a go to song to celebrate. We might have songs we associate with certain people (I can't hear Happy from the Despicable Me movie without thinking of my kids dancing around madly in the kitchen!).

Check out all the elevencorners music prints here.

What songs are special to you? And why? Drop us a comment...






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