Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas - Personalised New Home Presents

June 30, 2021 4 min read

unique new home gift ideas

Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas - Personalised Housewarming Presents

Moving into a new house or apartment is usually quite a Big Deal. It's one of those things that we don't do very often - once every few years is enough for most people. And that's exactly why it's great to celebrate it when it happens. 

Moving home often marks a new stage in people's lives. People move for professional reasons (e.g. they have a new job) or for personal reasons (e.g. family circumstances have changed). They could be moving just up the road or to a new country. 

Personalised wall art is especially good as a housewarming gift because:

  • new homes have lots of empty walls that need filling!
  • personalised wall art is designed specifically to celebrate special events
  • it's a thoughtful way to send a personal message 
  • a new home is often something of a new start, so it's a great excuse to put something new on the walls

There are a couple of areas where personalised housewarming presents really excel: celebrating the location of the new home and celebrating the date of moving into the new home. But look beyond these and you'll find other excellent ideas too: if someone has moved a long distance, perhaps even moved country, it may be that they'd love a reminder of where they lived previously. 

(1) Personalised Coordinates Print

A coordinates print showing the longitude and latitude of the new home is a brilliant gift - a simple set of numbers, letters and symbols that concisely pinpoints the location of the home. 

Some coordinates prints have a digital representation of longitude and latitude (i.e. two strings of decimal numbers) but while this is easier to print, it's not quite as special. We have more than enough strings of numbers floating around and distracting us in our lives (price labels, phone numbers, catalogue numbers).

We prefer the classic representation of longitude and latitude: degrees, minutes, seconds (with a decimal place for accuracy, if required).

The classic representation looks more attractive; it looks permanent and balanced and personal. The symbols for degrees (°), minutes(') and seconds(") help to separate the numbers from each other and from the more usual number formats we see around us every day - it makes them a bit out-of-the-ordinary, a bit special. We've also made the typography strikingly different to other coordinates prints.

There's space at the top and bottom of these prints for your own message, so if you're giving one as a housewarming present you can make it really personal.

personalised coordinates print

A close up view lets you see some of the uniquely detailed design:

Personalised coordinates print

We also have a design in grey that features a distressed, textured appearance - something like different shades of paint that haven't been fully blended yet:

personalised coordinates print

 A close-up view show the detail:

personalised coordinates print

(2) Coordinates Turned Into Geometric Art

Numbers turned into art!

Some people prefer images in their home and personalised prints are traditionally very wordy (in the case of coordinates prints, very numbery). Typography can be beautiful but it also forces us to filter the world through symbols rather than the shapes and patterns and shades that our eyes and brains are more naturally attuned to.

So we created a print design that shows longitude/latitude coordinates as an image. The longitude is shown on the top half, latitude on the bottom half. The shading in each of the image's arcs is created from the exact numbers in the coordinates. 

As a housewarming gift, it's unique: it's a geometric artwork, but it's art created specifically for the new house. It's easy to read the longitude and latitude out of the print, too, so these prints make brilliant conversation pieces, especially if they're prominently displayed. 

Personalised geometric coordinates print

Here's an example in gold - you can see that below the artwork there's space for your own personal message:

personalised geometric coordinates print

(3) Personalised Geometric Date Art

As well turning longitude/latitude coordinates into art, we turn dates into art. Dates can be neatly expressed in three numbers: a day, a month and a year. So a circle made up of three rings (central ring, inner ring and outer ring) can show the day. month and year each on a different ring. 

The date someone moves into a new house can mark a new stage in their life, and a date art print is a great way to celebrate it.

This personalised geometric wall art tends to look its best when created in bold colours so it's great if the person you're buying for wants a new home that expresses their love of colour. Here's an example in green (we have several other colour schemes too, so if green isn't right for you, check out the others):

personalised geometric date art

Using the same principles, we can use the day, month and year of a date to create a delicate, intricate custom mandala artwork. 

personalised geometric mandala date print


(4) Personalised Map Art

Maps can be beautiful. There are many examples of maps that were originally designed to display geographical information that we now think of as beautiful images. The information they show is outdated and inaccurate but we value them for their visual impact - for the shapes and lines and colours.

A map that pinpoints a particular location (like a new home!) is a little more personal than a map without. They can both be beautiful, but the map with the location marker has an immediate focus point that draws us in.

We have some unique map designs where we can add a location marker and a special message - they're perfect as housewarming gifts.

Personalised Ireland Map

And, for the British Isles...

Personalised British Isles Map


(5) Personalised Special Place Print

A print that displays the name of a special place - a village, town or city. This is an obvious gift, but you can make it personal with your own special message. You could choose the town where the new home is located, or you could choose the place where the old home was (perhaps with a message that says something like 'Don't forget to visit!').

personalised special place print


If the person you've giving to lives in or around London, take a look at our London Underground Station Art. It's a thoughtful, unusual housewarming gift.

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