Unique Personalised Gifts for Mums And Grannys At Christmas

September 29, 2020 4 min read

unique personalised gift ideas for Mum and Granny at Christmas

Unique Personalised Gifts for Mums And Grannys At Christmas

Looking for a gift for mum or grandma this Christmas? Some people are always hard to find gifts for.

It's a common problem. You want to choose a gift that isn't the kind of thing you give to just anyone. Mums and grannys are special, so shouldn't you give them a Christmas present that's special too?

A box of chocolates or a bottle of wine is usually a welcome gift, but it's not terribly inventive. These gifts often lack the personal touch, they lack imagination and, perhaps most important, the moment of giving doesn't have that lovely feeling of anticipation and surprise. 

They may be difficult to find a gift for, but you don't want to deny them that moment of joy when they open a present they didn't expect and love as soon as they see it. A little bit of surprise goes a long way at Christmas!

Imagine how they'll feel when you get them something different this year. Get them something really personal!

They'll love it!

Personalised prints are brilliant gifts because:

  • they're personal
  • they're thoughtful
  • they're unique
  • they show you care enough to create something special
  • everyone can find wall space for a beautiful print - wall art doesn't gather dust like some ornamental gifts do and it'll last longer than a box of chocolates!

This is a mini gift guide of gift ideas for mums and grandmas at Christmas. All the personalised prints below are personal, thoughtful and unique - they're designed to have a personal connection to your mum or granny in a way that a box of chocolates can never have. 

A Family Names Crossword

A family crossword shows all the family names together, interconnected, on one print! Every family crossword, like every family, is unique. Grannys might like a crossword with all their grandkids' names on it.

We offer several different styles of family crossword, including one that has space to include a birthday date (day and month) beside each name. It's a great way to remember the birthdays of all the grandkids - a bit easier than having them all scribbled down in a diary!


The Gift Of Their Own Words

Mums and grannys are full of words of wisdom. Wouldn't it be nice if you could give their words back to them? Show them you've been listening! 

Well, now you can! This personalised quote print allows you to give them the gift of any words you like, including their own!

This print is extremely flexible. You could show:

  • a motivational quote
  • a funny quote
  • a house rule
  • a famous historic quote
  • an instruction
  • a warning(!)
  • anything else you like

It's a very personal print. You can tailor it precisely to whoever you're giving it to.

And, you can add your own (optional) messages to the top and bottom of the print, so you can make it even more personal.


Personalised Memorable Dates Print

This print is based on a simple idea: you can create a beautiful piece of art from a date. We use the day, month and year of three date to design the artwork, so your artwork is totally unique to the special dates you choose.

It's a great story too: the art wouldn't exist without your special dates.

Choose dates that are particularly meaningful to mum or granny - the dates they met/engaged/married their partner, for example, or the dates of birth of thier children. 

This print shows three memorable dates. You can read the dates counting the arrowheads on each coloured ring of the artwork.

The colour coded text at the bottom of the print identifies each date, and you can add a little bit of 'you' with a title at the bottom of the print.


Mum or Granny's Favourite Album Artwork

Here's another unique elevencorners design. It's particularly easy to order (you just tell us the artist and album name!).

Choose your mum or gran's favourite music album and we'll use the songs on the album to create a unique artwork.

The artworks below show each song as a line - the length of the line shows the length of the song. You can see patterns in the album that might not be obvious by simply listening to it. The artist, title and year of release can be added below the artwork, and so can the track listing.

Read more about our artworks created from albums

See artwork examples for 10 classic albums

Because every single album is different, every single album's artwork is different too. The artworks are a wonderful way to celebrate a favourite album.

It's a lovely story that mum or granny can tell to visitors: 'this artwork was created from my favourite album'. It also gives them a good excuse to talk about the music they love!

You can add your own message at the bottom of the print too, to make it even more personal.

This one is for Fleetwood Mac's classic album Rumours:


A Crossword With Clues

This is perhaps the ultimate personalised print for mum or granny - it's about as personal as you can get. It takes a bit of work because you'll need to think of a set of clues and answers (this is also a lot of fun!). Send your clues and answers to us and we'll design your custom crossword.

People love receiving crosswords, especially when they themselves are the subject of the crossword. The time, effort and creativity you've put into making your gift is obvious because the end result is right in front of their eyes. You'll make them smile!

There many things you can put on a crossword but perhaps the most popular is to show lots of people, places or things that are special to the recipient - family names, place names, favourite food (ice cream, pizza toppings, sweets, etc). 

Read ideas from our customers about what to put on your own custom crossword print here.


Personalised Coordinates Print

We all have special places that mean more to us that other places: the place you live, the place you grew up, the place you were born.

Celebrate your mum or granny's favourite place with an elegant coordinates print. We print the longitude and latitude of any location on the planet and you can make it more personal by adding a couple of lines of text.

personalised coordinates print


Happy Christmas Gift Choosing!

Looking for a gift for Dad or Grandad?

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