What Do You Give To Someone Who Has Everything?

March 09, 2020 4 min read

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What to give to someone who has everything

Why Is It So Hard To Choose A Gift?

There's a very common problem that lots of people face. They want to give a gift to someone. And they're not sure what to give them. Maybe that person already has 'everything'. Maybe it's hard to surprise them with something they haven't seen before. Maybe it's just always difficult to find something suitable.

There's another problem too: once you have the gift, and it's all beautifully wrapped and ready to go, there's sometimes that nagging little feeling that maybe the person you're giving it to isn't going to like it as much as you thought they would. Or maybe there's a chance that they already have what you're giving them.

That's why, when you hand over your gift, you're looking at their face to see their reaction, rather than watching the present as they unwrap it.

And sometimes finding the right gift can take so much time! My goodness, there are certainly no shortage of options! You can easily browse the internet for half an hour and come up with half a dozen almost-but-not-quite-right ideas. And you could browse again and find half a dozen more. Suddenly you're an hour down with twelve not-quite-right ideas.

But, of course, not-quite-right is not-good-enough.

An Act Of Love

Choosing a gift needn't be a stress-fest. It doesn't have to be something you keep putting off because you don't want to think about it.

A gift is something good. Giving a gift is a kind act, an act of love. So shouldn't choosing a gift should be a happy experience? Your gift is a celebration - a birthday or a wedding or a housewarming. Or it's a way to say thank you. You shouldn't have to fret!

Imagine you could solve the problem of choosing a gift - not just next time, but every time!

Solving The Problem Of Choosing A Gift

There are at least a couple of ways to do this.

One is to give the gift of time. Rather then give a physical gift, enjoy some time together instead - go to an event, go for a meal out, share an experience that you can talk about for days or weeks (or years) afterwards. If you're looking for a gift for parents of young children, you could offer your time as a babysitter - they'll be grateful forever!

We think that giving the gift of time is a brilliant idea. But it's not always possible.

So here's another way: choose a gift that has a personal connection with whoever you're giving it to and put a little bit of 'you' into it.



Imagine you've run out of time and run out of ideas and in a moment of panic (we all have them!) you run out and get a pair of new socks as a gift. Not the most imaginative present, but at least it shows you care! And all is not lost! Socks can be a great gift. What's the trick to choosing socks as a gift? Choose the right socks!

If you know someone who loves flamingos and adores chocolate and goes deep sea diving as a hobby, get them deep-sea-diving-flamingo-chocolate socks! Perfect! Much better than 'just socks'. That personal connection makes all the difference.

It's the same with all gifts: the personal connection makes all the difference. A personal connection is good for three reasons: 

  • it narrows down your search when you're looking for the gift
  • it helps you feel better when the time comes to give it.
  • whoever receives the gift appreciates that you've thought about them individually rather than as 'just another person to get a gift for'

The personal connection comes from you - you know who they are, you know their likes and dislikes. Add a little bit of 'you' to your gift and suddenly you're not just giving a gift, you're giving a personal gift, and that will make the person you've giving to feel special!


Gifts With Personal Connections

As it happens, this is exactly what elevencorners wall art is all about: wall art that's personal, for memories, milestones and the things you love. We don't sell socks, we sell personalised prints designed to connect people.

Our prints connect people:

- with each other (like their family and friends)
- to important events (like weddings and anniversaries)
- to memories (like travel memories)
- to places (like their home or the place they were born)
- with their own identity (like the music they love)

So next time you're choosing a gift, go for something with a personal connection! It'll make you feel good and whoever you're giving to will love that you chose something special just for them.

As an example, imagine receiving a gift so personal that it's all about you! A birthday crossword is exactly that - with every clue and answer being a personal connection. It takes thought and time to put the clues and answers together, but the result could hardly be more personal.

Personalised birthday crossword by elevencorners

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