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Personalised 60th Birthday Prints

Personalised 60th Birthday Prints - prints for 1963 - brilliant milestone 60th birthday gifts

We have several types of personalised 60th birthday print, all designed to help celebrate that important 60th birthday milestone:

  • music posters and prints based on the music of 60 years ago
  • trivia and facts prints full of fascinating facts from 60 years ago
  • unique contemporary date art prints that display a date (like a 60th birthday date or a date of birth) as a piece of art. 

Lots of things were happening 60 years ago in 1963. The Beatles, released the first of many hugely successful albums: Please Please Me. The epic movie Lawrence Of Arabia won Best Picture at the Oscars. In England, the famous Great Train Robbery took place.

Personalised Gifts For People Who Are 60 Years Old

All the prints shown here are designed as personalised 60th birthday prints: they celebrate the year 1963 or sixty years of life. We create every print individually after including the choices and messages on your order. 

We design our own wall art. It's available only here on our own elevencorners website and on the handful of other websites we sell through. 

Process And Delivery Times For 60th Birthday Personalised Prints

We usually process orders, prepare the artwork and send it for printing to our print partner all within one business day. Speed of delivery depends on your local postal service, but our print partners generally print, pack and dispatch within 3 or 4 working days. You shouldn't have too long to wait before your completed print arrives. 

We'll keep you updated about the progress of your order.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Gifts For People Who Aren't 60 Years Of Age

We have personalised prints and wall art for other ages too!

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