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We design a custom crossword using your words and clues. Crosswords are an extremely personal gift - a unique creation directly from you to whoever you're making it for.

You'll need to put a bit of thought into your crossword but it's worth it. Half the fun is coming up with the crossword clues and answers. The other half is seeing the recipient's face when they read it! 

There are so many ways to use a crossword puzzle print. For example:

  • show someone's favourite things as answers and a description of them as clues (e.g. TV show, wine, book, movie, food, pub)
  • show travel destinations as answers and dates of travel as clues
  • show people's names as answers and have clues describing them underneath
  • show names as answers and dates of birth as clues

Whoever receives your crossword gift will know how much effort you've put into into their gift.

Who would love this print?

  • someone with a birthday - put all their favourite things on one print!
  • anyone who's retiring or leaving work - put a few words to remind them of their colleagues and time at work - ask your co-workers to add a clue and an answer each!
  • someone who loves crosswords
  • a great gift for inventive, creative people to give to someone else, because it's a brilliant way to give a little bit of 'you' in your gift

Make your print personal

  • send us between 10 and 16 answers and clues for your crossword - please double-check spellings because we'll use the words exactly as you send them!
  • add an optional title at the bottom of the print
  • if you've done your own crossword design and you want us to print it, just send us an email with your order number and a digital photo of your design

We print the words in crosswords in capital letters and without punctuation or spaces (so HONG KONG appears on the crossword as HONGKONG). We don't print dashes or apostrophes as they break up the crossword design.


  • colours - black text, red text, blue text


  • A4, A3, 30x40 cm, 12x16 inches

Made from

  • printed on high quality matte paper with high quality inks for excellent longevity and fade resistance
  • printed in a vertical (portrait) format.
  • canvas prints are on acid-free poly-cotton base, 20.5 mil thick canvas, 470 g/m², with hand glued solid wood stretcher bars, 1.5 inches deep. Mounting brackets are included.

How long will it take?

Once we have all the information we need for this print we'll usually complete the design and send it to the printer within one working day - click the 'Shipping and Estimated Delivery Times' link at the bottom of this page for delivery times

If you'd like this print in a different size or colour, get in touch with us (see 'Got a question?' at the bottom of this page). We'll probably be able to help!

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