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Personalised Coordinates Print (contemporary style with coloured background)

An elegant personalised coordinates print that beautifully shows the longitude and latitude of a special location! 

A coordinates print is a lovely way to celebrate a special location - your wedding venue, your birthplace or the place where you first met your partner. Coordinates wall art works very well as a housewarming gift. Moving home often marks a new phase in someone's life and this is a thoughtful way to celebrate it.

Special events and special places often go hand in hand together so you can add a personal touch to this print by including some text above and below the coordinates - add a date or the description of the event or location. It helps to make the print a really personal piece of wall art. And it looks great!

Who would love this print?

  • someone who's moved into a new home
  • anyone who has a special connection with a particular place - maybe they were born there, grew up there or lived there
  • someone who visited somewhere special on their travels
  • someone who's getting married - put the coordinates of the wedding venue
  • anyone who wants to remind their partner of where they first met (great for Valentine's Day!)
  • someone who wants a unique piece of wall art in their house

Make your print personal

  • tell us your special location and we find out the coordinates (if you already know the coordinates, let us know!) - we print the coordinates in the classic degrees/minutes/seconds format illustrated in our pictures.
  • add an optional two lines of text (one at the top, one at the bottom)

If your location can't be pinpointed by a degrees/minutes/seconds value we can add a decimal place after the seconds - but we'll only do this after contacting you to check you're happy with it. We do this because the extra decimal place that improves accuracy also usually doesn't look quite as good on the finished print.


  • colours: aqua, blue, dusky rose, green, purple


    • A4, A3, 30x40 cm, 12x16 inches

    Made from

    • printed on high quality matte paper with high quality inks for excellent longevity and fade resistance

    If you'd like this print in a different size or colour, get in touch with us (see 'Got a question?' at the bottom of this page). We'll probably be able to help!

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