Personalised Favourite Music Album Print - arrow style

An original graphic artwork based on your favourite music album. Just tell us the album and the artist and we'll create a piece of wall art from the tracks on the album.

Each horizontal line in the artwork represents one track. The length of the line is proportional to the playing time of the track. 

Page through our gallery images to see how some albums look when shown this way. Every album is different from every other album! Order a 12x12 inch print and it'll match the dimensions of a long playing vinyl record.

On this design, we print a line for each track twice, once on the left and once on the right - this results in beautifully balanced images. Each line ends with an arrow. 

What's your favourite album? How would it look printed like this?

We use the original UK release of the album when we create your artwork - some albums have all manner of re-releases, sometimes with extra tracks, but we'll make sure we use the 'classic' original release. If you want us to use a different release, let us know.

Who would love this print?

  • rock, pop and jazz music lovers - in fact, any recorded music genre
  • someone with a large vinyl or cd collection
  • someone who'd like to be reminded of a time when music was made up of collections of songs rather than one long endless stream of music where it's always tempting to skip on to the next track
  • anyone with an eye for graphic art

Make your print personal

  • optional album details printed at the bottom of the print (artist name, album name, year)
  • optional track titles printed at the bottom of the print
  • optional special message of your own printed at the bottom of the print
  • for the 'pure' art - the image only - leave all the options blank


  • colours - several colour schemes: black/green, black/gray, black/aqua, blue/pink, fuchsia/yellow, indigo/pink, navy/blue, red/yellow, colours inspired by the original album artwork (we use the original album artwork as a guide to selecting the colours)
  • print style - choose from texture look and smooth (see the close-up image in the gallery for the difference between texture look and smooth)


  • A4, A3, 30x40 cm, 12x16 inches, 12x12 inches, 16x16 inches, 12x12 inch canvas

Made from

  • printed on high quality matte paper with high quality inks for excellent longevity and fade resistance
  • canvas prints are on acid-free poly-cotton base, 20.5 mil thick canvas, 470 g/m², with hand glued solid wood stretcher bars, 1.5 inches deep. Mounting brackets are included.

How long will it take?

Once we have all the information we need for this print we'll usually complete the design and send it to the printer within one working day - click the 'Shipping and Estimated Delivery Times' link at the bottom of this page for delivery times

If you'd like this print in a different size or colour, get in touch with us (see 'Got a question?' at the bottom of this page). We'll probably be able to help!

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