About elevencorners

Wall Art That's Personal

Most thoughtful people sometimes struggle to find a gift for someone they care about. That's why we design prints that are personal - our wall art celebrates a memory or a milestone or they're about something that someone loves. When you give a personal print to someone, you make them feel special.

But personal prints need the magic ingredient of a personal connection! The connection comes from you. Put a little bit of 'you' into your gift and whoever you're giving it to will love that you created something just for them. 

It's fun too! Enjoy your timecreating the ideal gift rather than waste your time in a frustrating search for something that, even when you find it, isn't quite right.


Our Story

We - Rob and Orla - met while travelling in Nepal and India. We had an amazing time, saw fascinating things and collected many memories.

When we returned home we started another journey - we got married, had two wonderful children and collected many more memories. Then we started elevencorners. And then we moved from England to Ireland.

We started elevencorners first on Etsy (we sold our first print there in 2016), then on Not On The High Street (our first sale was in 2017) and now here we are on our own website.

Elevencorners is about travels and milestones, people and places and events. We're about celebrating the things that people get excited about or fascinated by.

Our wall art designs include a critical, magical element that only you can provide - the connection between the print and the person you're creating it for. That connection makes the print personal in a way that other gifts often aren't.


Our Background

Rob's background is in software and travel photography. He's travelled on many an overland truck and been on numerous small group trips with Exodus and Explore, as well as some independent travel. 

Orla has worked with children for several years (she's brilliant with kids!) as well as the odd (occasionally very odd!) office job. She's lived in some great cities - Dublin, Cork, Perth, Boston - and visited many, many more (her favourite is Barcelona).



We met on a Dragoman overland trip that started in Kathmandu and ended in Kathmandu - a complete circuit of India, starting and ending in Nepal. It was fabulous. 

We've visited some amazing places together - Iceland was special. So were Jordan and Syria (it wasn't torn apart by war at the time), and trekking to Everest Base Camp in the snow was a challenge and a wonderful adventure



We have a love of (different kinds of) music and so do our children (different kinds of music again, though they're past the 'row, row, row your boat' stage!). Trying to get Alexa to play one song all the way through is almost impossible!

We've run a half marathon together (one day we might run the other half!). We love the outdoors - we love camping with our children and going for woodland and mountain walks.


Small Business

Elevencorners is a small business - it's just the two of us. We do all the print designs and customer orders, we reply to all the enquiries and send all the emails, we do all the social media, all the coffee making, all the everything!

So if you like what we do it makes a difference to us. And it means we can give you a personal service - we want your print to be just right.

We'll help you create really unique, personal pieces of wall art that include a little bit of 'you' so that when you give them to someone they feel really special. Make them smile. Make them cry. Make them remember something they'd forgotten!

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