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Charlotte Jones
Great service and product

The team were very responsive to my questions about a customised print for my dads 70th birthday. They provided a mock up of the print for me to ok and the delivery was fast. Overall highly recommend!

Sharon Howat
Loved the print

We bought the 12x12 print of 50 top singles from the week our friend was born for his 50th. He loved it. Can see me buying this for a few people.

Lyle Clarke

Nice and easy

A unique personalised record collection print showing a picture of LP album spines where you choose the albums. A brilliant gift for music lovers. And you can include your own message - it's shown on the album spines too.

  • A unique way to display a favourite music collection
  • In this age of playlists, streaming and mp3 players we've lost the pleasure of browsing through a record collection - but not any more!
  • For each album you choose for your print, we show the artist, title and year of release - see the gallery images for examples
  • If you don't have enough albums to fill the print, we'll make up the numbers with other albums (they'll be by the same artists in your choices or by closely related artists)

How to tell us which albums you want on your print

We're very flexible. You can tell us....

  • EVERY INDIVIDUAL ALBUM - send us the artist/title of each individual album
  • ONE ARTIST - we'll fill the print with albums, live albums, compilations, EPs, singles (and even individual songs if we need more music to fill the print)
  • SEVERAL ARTISTS - send us a few artists and we'll fill the print with music by those artists
  • A YEAR - we'll fill the print with popular albums from your chosen year
  • A GENRE - we'll fill the print with popular music from your chosen genre
  • AN ONLINE LINK - send us the link to an online article (e.g. top 100 albums from the 1990s)

If you want to make sure that particular albums are included on your print, let us know the artists and album titles. 

You can even make up your own artists and album titles (just let us know if you do this so we do't waste time trying to find out their year of release!)

If we have any questions about what albums you want, we'll be in touch to clarify.

How may albums fit on each print size?

  • size A4 (portrait) - 35 albums
  • size 12x12 inches (square) - 50 albums
  • size 12x16 inches (landscape) - 70 albums
  • size 16x20 inches (landscape) - 76 albums
  • size 18x24 inches (landscape) - 100 albums

For print sizes 16x20 inches and 18x24 inches we print the album spines at full LP cover height (approx 12.375 inches). For all other print sizes, the spines are printed approx 11 inches high. Prints have a pale grey border around the picture of the LP album spines, canvas prints have a dark grey border.

NOTE: This print is NOT a photograph. The colours and fonts used for artist/title/year are not necessarily the same as the original album release. The text on each album spine may be printed in upper or lower case text. Albums are shown in a random order - if you want them to appear in a specific sequence, please tell us when you make your order!

Any questions? Ask us by clicking here!

Who would love this print? 

  • A music lover
  • Someone whose record collection is collecting dust, not easily accessible or gone
  • Someone who has a large record or CD collection

Make your print personal

  • tell us the albums (artists and title) - you can enter the details in the boxes on this page or send an email with a text file, spreadsheet or word document to (make sure that you use the same email address as your order if you do this!)
  • add an optional personal message - each word of the message is printed on an album spine at the bottom of the print (see the image gallery for an example of how this looks)


  • A4, 12x12 inches, 12x16 inches, 16x20 inches, 18x24 inches

Made from

  • printed on high quality matte paper with high quality inks for excellent longevity and fade resistance
  • canvas prints are on acid-free poly-cotton base, 20.5 mil thick canvas, 470 g/m², with hand glued solid wood stretcher bars, 1.5 inches deep. Mounting brackets are included.

How long will it take?

Once we have all the information we need for this print we'll usually complete the design and send it to the printer within one working day - click the 'Shipping and Estimated Delivery Times' link at the bottom of this page for delivery times

If you'd like this print in a different size or colour, get in touch with us (see 'Got a question?' at the bottom of this page). We'll probably be able to help!

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