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Personalised Family Names Prints - Why They're A Great Gift To Give And To Receive

October 14, 2021 5 min read

personalised family names prints

Personalised Family Names Prints - Why They're A Great Gift To Give And To Receive

Dale Carnegie, author of the best-seller 'How to Win Friends and Influence People" said, “A person's name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language.”

So, by extrapolation (now that's a very long word to have at the beginning of a blog post!), a family's name is a super sweet-sounding word to members of that family. 

A personalised family name print is a brilliant family gift to give:

  • You don't have to think too long about what information you're going to include on the print (because you already know the names!)
  • Family names prints are quick and easy to order
  • A family print is unique and personal and it shows that you've really thought about your gift. You've gone to more trouble than simply getting a family box chocolates from the nearest local shop (it'll last longer than chocolates too!)
  • It's a lovely piece of family wall art that the whole family can enjoy for years to come. Who doesn't like seeing their own name on a piece of family wall art?

We've picked out some personalised prints from our range of family prints to show here. 

But first, before you choose a print...

How Do You Know Which Family Print To Pick?

Like the answer to many questions, the answer is very clear but not very helpful: it depends...

But at least we can give you a hand by listing some of the things it depends on:

  • It depends on the family you're giving to:
    • How many people are in the family?
    • What kind of things are the family interested in?
    • Where do they live?
    • What are they like?
  • It also depends on you:
    • What kind of gift do you like giving?
    • Do you prefer something arty, something with a bit of humour, something heartfelt?
    • Do you prefer giving something that the family you're giving to hasn't seen before?
    • Do you want to give a print that mainly shows words or mainly shows art? We think this is a very important point because so many family prints are text-based, yet people may actually prefer to have something more pictorial hanging in their homes.

Let's get on with a quick rundown of some of our favourite family names prints...

Family Names Custom Crossword

Always a favourite, and for good reason. Crosswords are especially suited to giving as gifts because they're unique for every family and they show all the family members interconnected.

Read our guide to family crosswords here - it'll give you a lot more info about why they're such good family gifts.

custom family names crossword

Of course, a crossword can come in many styles, from traditional newspaper black-and-white, to a scrabble tile crossword, to all sorts of other variations. We have several designs and colour schemes so there's sure to be something that the family you're gifting to will love.

 custom family scrabble crossword printtraditional custom family names crosswordcustom family crossword


Personalised Family Wordsearch Print

A close relative of the crossword print, a word search print shows all the names 'hidden' in a sea of random letters. Our prints show the importance of family, because the family names are all highlighted. 

Traditionally, a wordsearch print shows one set of words. However, for custom family names prints, we couldn't see any reason not to go a bit further, so some of our custom word search prints have an extra feature, which means you can make them extra personal. 

You can show a second set of words, along with the family names.The second set means you can include other words that are important to the family - perhaps the town where they live, the names of their pets, descriptive words, whatever you think is appropriate for the family you have in mind.

To find out more about family wordsearch prints, check out this blog post.

Custom family names wordsearch prints

Like the crosswords, we offer a few different styles and colours so that you can match the word search print to the family. 

 personalised family wordsearch printsPersonalised family wordsearch printscustom family names wordsearch prints


Personalised Family Flowers Print

Family names prints are often very text-based (you can't get much more text-based than crosswords and word searches!). So we wanted to create some family art that didn't rely on the words to make it meaningful to a family.

This print design is totally unique to elevencorners. You won't find anything else like it anywhere (if you do, let us know because we don't want to claim to be unique if we're not!).

It's an artwork showing a row of stylised geometric flowers, one flower for each member of the family. Each flower is 'grown' from a date of birth; the different rings of petals on each flower reflect different dates. So the artwork has a direct link to the family because it's created from dates special to the family. You can read the date from each flower if you know how (it's as easy as counting!).

personalised family flowers print

You pick a flower colour for each family member (yes, two different family members can have the same colour if you want). We can fit between three and six flowers on each print. They're beautiful and unique!

We also create custom family flowers prints with a white background.

custom family flowers print


Personalised Ogham Family Names Print

If you're from Ireland, you probably know what Ogham writing is; if you're not from Ireland, you probably don't. In short, Ogham writing is an ancient form of writing that originated in Ireland in about the 4th century. It's read from bottom to top and it's found on rocks and standing stones in Ireland and in a few places in the UK.

Apart from the history and the traditional, the best thing about Ogham writing is that it's just beautiful!

For more info about the Ogham alphabet and how to convert your name into Ogham, read this blog post.

For more info about Ogham and why it's so good for personalised print, read this blog post

We create custom Ogham prints where we convert family names into the Ogham alphabet. Here's a print for the whole family (we can fit up to eight names on one print):

We have prints for individual names as well, so you could give a gift to a family with their surname converted into Ogham. As usual, we offer several different colours, for example:



Personalised Family Rainbow Print

Here's another family print that is primarily about the image, a colourful, cheerful double rainbow.

Rainbows became A Bit Of A Thing during the first Covid lockdowns, and that's when we designed this print. It's customised with family names and surname.

personalised family rainbow print


Personalised Family Surname Print

A simple print featuring the family surname and a couple of other (optional) pieces of text. You can use the optional text to list all the family member's names, their address, a family saying or motto, a family joke or some other personal message.

The optional text means you can make your print specifically for the family you're giving it to - make it really personal.

Our family name prints are available in a couple of unique styles with a fabulous textured appearance and a few different fonts. Here are some examples...

personalised family name print

custom family name print


Other Custom Family Name Gifts Too...

Here's a handful of our other family name prints...

Custom family names print

custom family crossword print

custom family music print


custom family birthdays geometric art print

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