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Personalised Wall Art - How To Personalise It Checklist

May 29, 2020 3 min read

Personalised Wall Art - How To Personalise It Checklist

What Is Personalised Wall Art?

Here at elevencorners we design personalised wall art. It's wall art that's designed to include (or be created from) information that, until you order it, is not known to us. This information might be as simple as a name or a date, it might be something longer, like a personal message, or it might be a huge great list of crossword clues and answers. 

There are a few simple pointers - some hints and tips - about providing information to us when we're creating personalised wall art for you. Most of the pointers are just common sense! For the sake of clarity and completeness, we've put all the pointers (even the really obvious ones!) here in one neat little checklist.

But First: Why Does It Matter? What Are The Benefits?

Following the pointers means:

  • your personalised wall art will display accurate information
  • your personalised wall art will look its best (because the right information will all be displayed in the right place)
  • you'll get your personalised wall art more quickly because there won't be any delays due to us needing to contact you to clarify information

So, here are a few things to think about when ordering personalised wall art...

(1) Accuracy.

Make sure the information you provide is accurate! This one's pretty obvious: if you don't tell us the right information in the first place, the personalised wall art we're creating for you won't have the right information on it! 

(2) Spellings!

It's always worth checking spellings, especially spellings of unusual names or place names. If we see what looks like a spelling mistake, we'll get in touch with you to check. Sometimes with people's names or place names it's impossible for us to know what's a correct spelling and what isn't. Unless it looks like a typo to us, we'll use the spelling as you've provided it.

(3) UPPERCASE And lowercase

Not quite as obvious as spellings, but checking the use of uppercase and lowercase letters in longer pieces of text is worth doing too. If some of your message is uppercase and some is lowercase, we have to assume that's the way you want it! Of course, if we thought it wasn't right, we'd get in touch.

(4) Consistency

This only really applies when you're sending a lot of information, like crossword clues and answers. The answers in a crossword all look consistent - they're printed in upper case in the crossword grid. The clues, printed below the grid, also look best when they're printed in a consistent style. Some people prefer all clues in capitals, some prefer normal mixed case text. But if you send us a few clues in capitals and the rest in mixed case text, it can look very odd when it's printed! Similarly if some of the clues end with a full stop and some don't.

(5) Content

This 'pointer' is different to the others. It's about thinking what message you want to convey on your personalised wall art - it's particularly important when there's space for you to enter some free text. There are lots of approaches you could take here - the important thing is to think about it before dashing down the first thing that pops into your head.

You could be informative and stick to the facts: 'Dave and Sharon's Wedding Day, 12th March 2019.

You could make it funny: 'So you two finally got hitched!'.

You could add a personal touch: 'I always said you were made for each other'. 

Only you know the best approach to take in your own particular situation, but the message is a great chance for you to make the print really personal and add a strong personal connection - make the gift recipient smile, or cry, or remember something they'd forgotten. 

(6) If In Doubt, Ask!

We'll always be as helpful as we can! If you have a special message of 100 characters when we only have space for 50, we can usually adjust something to allow your whole message to appear. 


Here's a very highly personalisable (is that even a word?) piece of wall art - a crossword with lots of clues and answers, plus a title. It's a very personal, thoughtful print to give as a gift. 

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