Six Unique Father's Day Personalised Prints

May 11, 2020 3 min read

Six unique personalised Father's Day gifts from elevencorners

Six Unique Father's Day Personalised Prints

Father's Day comes but once a year, but that doesn't make it any easier to find a suitable Father's Day gift! And this year it might be more difficult than most. To help you out, here are six unique, personalised pieces of wall art that might make the perfect Father's Day present. 



1. Personalised Album Graphic Art

What's your Dad's favourite music album? Something rocky? Something jazzy? Something mellow? Whatever it is, and whoever the artist, there's a piece of geometric art just waiting to be created from it. We use the running times of all the songs on an album to create graphic wall art. It's unique and it's beautiful. Every album is different from every other album. You'll remind your Dad of his favourite music, as well as showing him that you actually know what his favourite music is! 

Click here for our gallery of graphic art based on albums - there are lots of different examples by lots of different artists.

geometric art based on music albums by elevencorners


2. Personalised Location Print

Where's your Dad's favourite place? Where is special to him? The town where he grew up? Somewhere he travelled to? A family holiday destination? The football team he supports?

Places are often linked to milestones in our lives. We go to school in one place. We go to University in another place. And our first job might be somewhere else entirely.

It's nice to be reminded of special places - the reminder gives us a warm feeling of times (and places) past. You can make the wall art more personal with  couple of pieces of text above and below the location.

personalised location wall art by elevencorners


3. Personalised Rainbow Family Print

Being a father means being part of a family, so celebrating the family is inextricably linked to Father's Day. A great way to show the importance of family is with a piece of personalised family wall art. Here's our family rainbow print - bright, fun, simple...

personalised family rainbow wall art by elevencorners  

4. Personalised Family Crossword

A family crossword is a popular piece of family wall art. Each family crossword is unique because the design depends on all the family names. They're a lovely way to show all the family together, interconnected, in one place and one one print. Dad's in there too, of course, so it makes a great Father's Day gift, one that lasts beyond Father's Day.

personalised family crossword by elevencorners


5. Personalised Quote Wall Art

Is there something your father is known for saying? Some little phrase that he often says? A few words of fatherly wisdom or advice? Or is there something that always makes him laugh? Some words that remind him of some funny incident from the past? If so, this is a fabulous opportunity to get those words up on the wall, so everybody can enjoy them - and your father can see that you've heard them! 

personalised quote print by elevencorners


6. Father's Day Special Date Geometric Artwork 

Wall art to celebrate a date (like a first Father's Day) doesn't have to be plastered with text - numbers and letters. Our Special Date wall art is created from the date (the day of the week, days, month and year). The proportion of the arcs in the artwork depend on the date you choose.

For example, Father's Day 2020 is 21st June 2020. In the artwork, the ring that represents the months is divided into an arc for the 6 months to June and a different coloured arc for the remaining six months of the year. The same principle applies to all the other parts of the date - day of the week, days and year. The day of the week (Sunday) is the 7th day of a 7 day week so the central circle is all one colour - if it was a Monday, one seventh of the circle (representing one day in the week) would be a different colour. 

personalised special date geometric wall art by elevencorners

(7) Personalised Cassette Tape Print

(Yes, I know this is the seventh of six personalised gifts, but, hey, who's counting?)

If your Dad is into music, then a personalised retro music print, a cassette tape print, could be just the thing. Personalised with your own choice of title and tracks, it's a great way to celebrate whatever music he likes!

Personalised Cassette Tape Print

Is there really a cassette tape revival? Read our blog post here.



So that's the end of our little round up of personalised Father's Day gifts. We hope it helped you! If you're still looking, try our complete collection of personalised wall art for Dad here.

Click here to find out about the benefits of giving personalised gifts - there are lots of reasons why personalised gifts are great, for both the giver and the receiver!

And if you think that personalised wall art is just like any other wall art, think again! Click here to see how personalised wall art differs from traditional art.

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