70th Birthday Prints

Unique prints to celebrate a 70th birthday - 1953 prints that are easy to personalise so you can create a really special 70th birthday gift. 

This collection of prints is full of gift ideas designed for milestone 70th birthdays: nostalgic facts and trivia prints, memory-evoking music prints featuring the music from 1953, 70 years ago, and a range of date art prints that show a date or year as a unique piece of art. 

Seventy years ago lots of interesting things were going on in the world. Mount Everest was summited for the first time. Elvis Presley made his very first recordings at Sun Studio. Blackpool won the F.A.Cup. And back in 1953, a pint of milk cost 3 (old) pence in the UK. For anyone who is 70 years old (or 70 years young), these facts are all part of their own personal history - it's the world into which they were born.

Personalised Gifts For People Who Are Age 70 Years

All the prints on this page make fine birthday presents for anyone born seventy years ago. They celebrate the year 1953 or seventy years of life. And - very important - they're  designed to be personal, so they feature your messages and the options you select when you order. 

At elevencorners, we design all our own prints. They are only available here on our own website and on the handful of other websites we choose to sell through. 

Process And Delivery Times For 70th Birthday Gifts

We generally process orders and send the artwork to our print partner within one business day. We don't usually have questions about orders but if we do, we'll be in touch (please respond quickly so that we can complete your order!). 

The speed at which your order is delivered depends on where you live, but our print partners usually print, pack and dispatch within 3 or 4 working days, so you shouldn't have to wait too long to see the finished print.

We'll keep you updated about the progress of your order. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Gifts For People Who Aren't 70 Years Of Age

Not everyone is 70; if you're looking for gift ideas for someone who's a different age, we have prints for lots of other ages too!

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