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Born In 1954 Gifts - Personalised 70th Birthday Gifts

Unique personalised gifts for people born in 1954 - personalised 70th birthday gifts to celebrate the year 1954

A varied collection of 1954 prints: trivia/fact prints, 1954 music prints and posters, prints that depict a date in 1954 as a piece of wall art. 

Some of these personalised prints tell the story of 1954: Roger Bannister ran a mile in under 4 minutes, West Germany won the football World Cup final against Hungary, and Doris Day topped the charts with her recording of 'Secret Love'. Other things happened too; there's plenty more to celebrate about 1954! 

Personalised 70th Birthday Gifts For Anyone Born In 1954

These prints are great 70th birthday gifts for someone born in the year 1954. All the prints are personalised, which means you can create a personal gift for someone.

The prints here are our own designs, only available here on our own elevencorners website and on a handful of other websites we sell through. 

Process And Delivery Times For 1954 Gifts

We usually process your order and send the artwork to our print partner within one business day (if we have a question about your order we'll contact you). 

Speed of delivery depends where you live, but our print partners usually print, pack and post prints within 3 or 4 working days.

We'll keep you updated about the progress of your order.

Gifts For People Born In Other Years

Looking for a birthday gift for someone born in a different year? We have lots of other years available too! 

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