Music Discography Prints


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Music Discographies: wall art that celebrates the music released by an artist, is a brilliant gift for music lovers.

Record Collection wall art looks like a row of records leaning against one another. Depending on the artist, the records could be grouped into albums, EPs and singles. Each record pictured shows the artist, title and year of release. You can personalise these prints with your own message (it appears on the record spines at the bottom of the print). 

Discography Wheel prints show a circular artwork that's created from the song lengths of every song on every album that a particular artist has released. Album titles, year of release and track titles are shown at the bottom of the print so you can easily see which part of the artwork relates to each album and song.

If there's an artist that we don't currently offer a discography print for, let us know and we'll see what we can do!

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