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Music Discography Record Collection Prints

Music Discography Record Collection Prints

Discography record collection wall art: we take an artists discography and turn it into a picture of vinyl LP records on a shelf. The records that appear in each collection depends on the artist, but we always include all their most important releases and often some rarer releases too. We include studio albums, live albums, EPs, singles and other releases too. 

These prints make brilliant gifts for fans of a particular artist - and YOU CAN PERSONALISE THEM. You can add your own message to your print - we'll print each word of your message on a different album towards the bottom of the print. It's a great way to make your print really personal.

If there's a particular artist we haven't covered yet, get in touch and we'll see what we can do! These prints take a long time to research and create, but the resultant wall art is unique and informative - perfect for music fans!

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