Personalised 16th Birthday Prints

Brilliant personalised 16th birthday prints - prints for 2007 - ideal milestone 16th birthday gifts 

The personalised 16th birthday prints on this page make unique and memorable 16th birthday presents. They're all very personal gifts, and they're easy to personalise. 

Our facts and trivia prints are packed with nuggets of information about 2007, the year that someone turning 16 was born. Our music posters showcase the pop music from sixteen years ago. If you're interested in something more visual, check out our date art prints below - art created from a date (e.g. a birth date). 

Sixteen years ago, in 2007, a series of music concerts were held in different cities around the world (the Live Earth shows). Steve Jobs introduced the world to the original Apple iPhone. The best selling album in the UK was Back To Black by Amy Winehouse. And a loaf of bread cost less than £1.00 in the UK.  

Personalised Gifts For 16 Year Olds

Our personalised 16th birthday prints are designed with personalisation built in - it's not an afterthought. The prints we create are individually put together from the original designs. We add your messages and the options you select when you order. This makes for really personal 16th birthday gifts. The personalised prints on this page celebrate 2007 or the last 16 years.

This unique wall art is only available on our own website, plus a handful of other websites we choose to sell through. The print designs are all done by us, all created in house. 

Process And Delivery Times For 16th Birthday Personalised Prints

It usually takes us one business day (or less!) to prepare the artwork for your order and send it our print partner. Our print partners usually print, pack and dispatch within 3 or 4 working days. So you're unlikely to have to wait too long for your order to arrive. Obviously, the postal delivery service where you live also affects the speed at which your order is delivered. 

We'll keep you updated about your order. 

Gifts For People Who Aren't 16 Years Of Age

We have personalised prints and wall art for other ages too! 

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