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Personalised 50th Birthday Prints

Personalised 50th birthday prints - 1973 prints for milestone 50th birthday gifts

Half a century! 50th birthdays are a big milestone. 

We have several personalised 50th birthday print types to choose from:

  • Personalised music prints and posters
  • Personalised fact/trivia prints
  • Unique personalised date art prints, created using the digits of any date (like a 50th birthday date or a date of birth)

In 1973, fifty years ago, The Godfather was Best Picture at the Oscar's. The biggest selling album in the UK was The Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd. The Wombles and Last Of The Summer Wine were both new arrivals on UK television. 

For someone who is turning 50 this year, these snippets of information are little pieces of their own personal history. 

Personalised Gifts For People Who Are 50 Years Old

The personalised 50th birthday prints on this page celebrate the year 1973 or the last fifty years. They are designed to be personalised (personalisation is something we build into the design, it's not something we bolt on afterwards!).

We create each print individually with the messages and choices you've made on your order. The result is a very personal 50th birthday print, something a bit out of the ordinary.

This unique personalised wall art is only available here on our own elevencorners website and on the handful of other websites we sell through. All print designs are created by us. 

Process And Delivery Times For 50th Birthday Personalised Prints

We usually process your order and send the artwork for it to our print partner within one business day. Our print partners normally print, pack and dispatch within 3 or 4 working days. Therefore you shouldn't have too long to wait before the finished print is  in your hands - though your local postal delivery service obviously affects how quickly your print arrives. 

We'll send you updates about the progress of your order.

Gifts For People Who Aren't 50 Years Of Age

We have personalised prints and wall art for other ages too!

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