Gifts For Oasis Fans

April 19, 2021 4 min read

Gifts for Oasis fans

Gifts For Oasis Fans

Oasis. The Gallagher Brothers. Liam. Noel. Manchester City. Music. Arguments. Albums. Record Sales. Lots of Record Sales. Will they ever reunite? Will they record another album? There are rumours aplenty.

While we wait for the rumours to turn into facts, or into more rumours, let's take a moment to remember Oasis' great rise to prominence.

Oasis' first album was Definitely Maybe in 1993. They'd been around for a couple of years before that, but as breakthroughs go, Definitely Maybe was out of the ordinary. It went to number one in the UK album charts in its first week. At the time it was the fastest-selling debut album ever in the UK. It's now it's sold millions of copies (it's hard to find accurate sales figures but Wikipedia suggests 15 million sales). That doesn't happen by accident!

How would you follow up the success of Definitely Maybe? Well, if you're Oasis, you follow it up with an album whose title begins with a bracket: (What's The Story) Morning Glory? It was an even more successful record than Definitely Maybe. Oasis became internationally known. You'd hear their songs everywhere. Wonderwall climbed high in the charts across the globe. 

In the UK, (What's The Story) Morning Glory? has sold more copies than Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon, more copies than Michael Jackson's Thriller, more copies than Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. That's a lot of sales. 

And it's a hard act to follow. Oasis went through important line-up changes (Oasis aren't just about Noel and Liam, despite what you might think reading the press). The next five albums never reached the level of success (commercially speaking) that the first two achieved. But these 'disappointing' sales aren't disappointing at all. Look at the numbers:

  • Be Here Now - 8 million
  • Standing on the Shoulder of Giants - 3 million
  • Heathen Chemistry - 4.5 million
  • Don't Believe the Truth - 7 million
  • Dig Out Your Soul - 2.5 million

We all know that the success of an album isn't all wrapped up in sales figures; it's the music that matters. There's plenty of great music on those albums and their accompanying single B sides.

The first buyers of those first two Oasis albums are now in their forties and fifties. They might still be big fans of Oasis - they might still love the music - but they have other things going on in their lives now.

So a gift that prods them into remembering Oasis, or celebrating Oasis, might raise a smile and evoke a memory. It might get them reaching for the 'play' button and telling you the story of how music was 'real ' music when they were young...

Here are some unique gifts for fans of Oasis, a unique band...

1. Oasis Record Collection Discography Print

A print that looks like a row of vinyl records. It includes all of Oasis's studio albums, along with all the singles that reached the top 10 in the UK (nearly all their singles!).

It's a real celebration of the band's output from 1993 to 2020. It also acts as a reminder of some songs you might have forgotten about or never really paid much attention to. 

It's a great gift for an Oasis fan - and, you can personalise it too! Add your own message - it's integrated into the print design and it appears on up to 4 record spines at the top right of the print.  Oasis record collection discography print

Oasis record collection discography print



2. Oasis Album Geometric Artwork

A custom geometric artwork created to celebrate a particular album. We can create an artwork for any Oasis album (or, indeed, any other album by any other artist), and the art is different for every album.

How do we create the art? We use the track times of all the songs on an album, so there's a direct link between the art and the album. The artwork wouldn't exist if the album hadn't been recorded. This wall art is perfect for those who love the band but would rather have a unique piece of art on their wall instead of a band photo or band logo. It's about using one piece of art (the album) to create another piece of art.

Read more about how we create geometric art from albums here.

See 10 classic albums turned into geometric art here

Here's (What's The Story) Morning Glory turned into a piece of songcircles geometric wall art. We've used colours inspired by the original (classic) album artwork. Each song is shown as a circle - the size of each circle shows the sog's playing time. Those two very small circles are The Swamp Song, Excerpts 1 and 2.

Oasis WHat's The Story album turned into a geometric artwork

This print is worth a close up view because you can see a bit more of the detail...

 Oasis WHat's The Story geometric artwork close up

3. Oasis Discography Wheel Print

Another unique piece of art created from Oasis albums. To create this one we've used all the Oasis studio albums (every track on every album!). The result is a unique piece where each track is represented by an arrow (the length of the arrow depends on the playing time of the track), and each album is rendered in a different colour. Album titles and track listings are shown below the artwork so you can easily tell which each album and track relates to each arrow on the artwork.

You can see at a glance what the longest and shortest tracks on each album is.

What's the longest ever Oasis track on any album? All Around The World from Be Here Now (but you know that already!).

This one's not so easy...

What's the longest track on Don't Believe The Truth? Keep The Dream Alive.

Oasis Discography Wheel Print

Oasis Discography Wheel Print

4. Oasis Album Crossword

We do a lot of crosswords. We can create a custom crossword print from any album - it's another way, a quiet, less obvious way, for an Oasis fan to show their love for great music. We show all the songs and, in bold, the band members.

Oasis What's The Story album crossword print

Will Oasis Reunite For Another Album Or Tour?

(Warning: clichéd, cheesy, over-used answer coming up).

Oasis answered that question way back in 1993: Definitely Maybe.

At elevencorners we create wall art for many artists as well as Oasis. 

See all elevencorners music discography prints here.

See all elevencorners music wall art here, including turning albums into geometric art.

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