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Giving Personalised Prints To Friends And Family Abroad

August 21, 2020 3 min read

Giving personalised prints to friends and family who live abroad

Giving Personalised Prints To Friends And Family Abroad

Personalised prints are wonderful gifts, aren't they?

They're personal, they're unique, they let you give a little bit you 'you' and they connect you with someone you care about in a way that other gifts often can't. Whoever receives your personalised print will love that you went to the trouble of creating wall art just for them.

But - and here's the problem - what if you're giving to friends or family who live far away from you? Maybe they live in a distant country, maybe on another continent. They definitely live somewhere that's going to take an age for your gift to arrive and perhaps it will take a bit of a battering along the way.

Wouldn't it be great to give a personalised print that, despite the distance, brought you closer.

Well, actually you can.

And the 'problem' of distance isn't really a problem, not any more. Why? Here's why...


From New Zealand to England

We recently had an order from a customer who lives in New Zealand. They ordered a family crossword print for a family who live in the United Kingdom. Now NZ to UK is a long way (11,000+ miles) but really, the order was just like any other:

  • we communicated via email with the customer
  • we created the print design
  • we sent the print design to our trusted UK printer for printing and framing
  • that's it!

For the customer, we saved:

  • time (no need to wait for the print to wing it's way more than 11,000 miles from New Zealand to England)
  • money (our prices include free postage to addresses in Europe and North America - so the customer didn't need to pay for a framed print to be transported over 11,000 miles from New Zealand to England)
  • stress (no need to worry that the print would be damaged or get lost somewhere on an 11,000 mile journey)

For the planet, we saved:

  • fuel needed to transport a framed print more than 11,000 miles.


Happy Customer

Happily, our customer was happy. They took the time to leave us this lovely review (thanks Ann!):

"Another excellent product with fantastic communication. Super quick service and delivery. Highly recommended. Thank you so much, Ann"

(as a little aside, I'll just add here that as a small business, reviews are incredibly important to us, so thanks for leaving them when you can!)


From You To Them

If you don't see someone very often because of the difficulties of distance, perhaps it's even more important and rewarding than usual to give them something really personal. Give them something to smile about. Provoke a memory! Connect with them! Show them that you care and that the distance doesn't really matter. 

We use printers that are close to the person you're sending the print to. If you're sending to the United States, we use a printer in the United States. If you're sending to Europe, we use a printer in Europe. This means quicker delivery times, lower postal costs and a reduction in the chance that your gift is damaged (or lost) in transit.

So what?

So you can spend more time creating a thoughtful, unique, personal print that really connects with someone and less time worrying about whether it will arrive in time and in one piece.


Family Crossword

Family crosswords are a brilliant way to show all the family names together, interconnected, on one print, even if the people are scattered to the four different, distant corners of the planet. 

Click the image below for more details.


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