Top Reasons Why Personalised Prints Are Great Gifts

August 27, 2020 6 min read

why a personalised print is a great gift

Top Reasons Why Personalised Prints Are Great Gifts

When you give a gift, what do you want from it? 

How about...

  • something the recipient loves
  • something that shows you care or you're thankful
  • something that will stand the test of time rather than be broken and binned
  • something you get pleasure out of finding, creating and giving
  • something that's different to other people's gifts
  • something that's not going to be damaged if you need to post it

The problem is that there are so many possible gifts and only limited time to find the right one!

Another problem is that so many gifts are just 'things' - they lack the personal connection that elevates a gift into a great gift. 

You don't really want to waste your time and energy looking for a gift that is politely received and accepted but forgotten the next day. You don't want to give a gift that doesn't adequately express how much you care for the person you're giving to. 

But imagine if you could solve those problems - not just with the next gift you give, but with any future gift you want to give!

Personalised prints make wonderful gifts for both the giver and the receiver. Here's why...


(1) Personalised Prints Are Personal

The best personalised wall art isn't merely 'personalised' (which sounds like some sort of robotic factory process), it is truly personal

Impersonal presents can sometimes be brilliant - boxes of chocolates usually go down well! But there's a world of difference between a generic gift that you could give to anyone and a gift you give to a particular person for a particular reason. And that difference is that it's personal. It's for them. And it means something to them.


(2) Personalised Prints Treat The Recipient As An Individual

By giving a personalised print, you're showing that you've treated the recipient as someone special rather than as just another person to get just another gift for. It's evidence of thoughtfulness.

Whoever you're giving the gift to understands that you've taken care in selecting their gift because they see the results of your effort right in front of them. They know you've taken the time and the trouble to make them feel special. They know that you haven't treated them as 'just another person...'



(3) Personalised Prints Strengthen Personal Connections

The best personalised wall art has a personal connection with whoever you're giving it to. It connects them to their family, for example, or to a special time and place (like their wedding), or it connects them to something they love (like a football team or their favourite music artist).

It can also strengthen the connection between you and them. If you choose a personalised print that evokes a shared memory you both have you'll probably end up chatting all about it when they see the print. And, who knows, they might evoke a memory or two in you as well! Before you know it, you'll be talking about the good old days!

If you can tell someone something about their own life story in a personalised print - something they've done, somewhere they've been, someone they've met - it's a great way to strengthen a personal connection. And it's a great basis for a gift that you know will be well-loved.

 strengthen connections


(4) Personalised Prints Are Unique

Some personalised prints are truly one-of-a-kind, unique gifts.

A custom crossword puzzle, for example. We've designed many of these for our customers and every single one is different. That's because the clues and answers for every single crossword were created for a different gift recipient. This is the ultimate in a personal gift and it takes quite a lot of effort. But people love to receive them so it's worth it!

The really great news is that because a personalised print is unique, you can give the same gift idea more than once to different people.

One of our customers created a different crossword for each of their five daughters - same gift idea, but each one with a different set of words. She didn't have to go looking for five different gifts. She used her time in a much better way. She used it to create a wonderful, personal, unique present for each daughter.

You can even give the same gift idea to the same person on more than one occasion.

Another of our customers creates a crossword every year - a sort of word version of a photo collage. It's a wonderful way to remember special times. We've also had customers order multiple coordinates prints to celebrate different locations.


(5) Personalised Prints Let You Add A Little Bit Of 'You' To Your Gift

Traditionally, when you give a gift, you might include a little hand written note with it, or you might tell the recipient a little story when you give it to them. These are wonderful ways to make non-personalised gifts much more personal. We love the idea of hand written notes with gifts but with personalised prints you can sometimes go a bit further. 

You can often include a little bit of 'you' in a personalised print. Add your own special message to your print. Using humour, a pithy phrase or an appropriate quote can build that all-important personal connection even more. Think of something that will make your recipient smile, mention a cherished memory, perhaps even bring a tear to their eye. Give them a little bit of 'you'. 

 give a little bit of 'you'

(6) Personalised Prints Are Good For Recipients

Most people have a lot of 'stuff'. Storage is always a problem. Homes are filled with debris accumulated over a lifetime. And new gifts are in danger of becoming just another piece of debris. 

But if you choose your personalised print carefully - if it's personal, it's got a strong personal connection for the recipient and it's got a little bit of 'you' in it - it'll be a treasured keepsake hanging on the wall or in propped up in pride of place on the mantelpiece. It'll give years of joy. Much better than collecting dust in the bottom of a dark cupboard!

Even a home with the most serious storage issue has space somewhere on the wall to hang a personal print. 

People like wall art because it's easy for them to deal with - they don't have to rearrange ornaments, they don't have to alter their homes. They can just hang it up and enjoy it. And if, after a week, they don't like where they've hung it, it's easy to take down and put somewhere else. Try doing that with a tree you've planted in the back garden!

Wall art is a brilliant gift for lots of reasons, and we have a blog post about it: click here to see why wall art is so popular.


(7) Personalised Prints Are Brilliant For The Giver Too

Most personalised prints can be ordered online. It's easy. You create your gift by choosing a design and adding the personalisation details. You click a button to pay. And you're finished.

Personalised prints are robust items and they rarely get damaged in transit. Not like some gifts! Damage does happen very occasionally, but the good news is that they're easy to reprint and another copy can usually be sent quickly after the damage is discovered.

There are literally hundreds of websites offering personalised prints so you're sure to find something you like the look of. And if you can't, contact us and we'll see if we can come up with something!

There's another great thing for givers too. 

You don't need to send your personalised print to the person you're giving it to. Whoever you've ordered from can do that. It's especially useful if you're sending the print abroad. We have a blog post about that here: click here to find out more about giving personalised prints to friends and family who live abroad.

Why elevencorners?

We design all our own personalised wall art - prints and canvas prints. If you have any questions about any of it, just ask (see 'Got a question?' at the bottom of this page) - we'll be as helpful as we can!

As well as selling personalised prints on our own website, we sell them through Not On The High Street and Etsy and if you look for us on either of those websites, you'll see we have an excellent set of reviews. We care about the prints we create because we know that often they'll be given as gifts. 

Some of our print types are unique to us. Our custom geometric artworks, for example, where we create art from the personalised details you provide (e.g. art from a date, art from longitude and latitude coordinates, art from the song times of the tracks on your favourite album). 

See the full range of elevencorners personalised prints here.

See elevencorners custom geomeric artworks here

See elevencorners custom crosswords here


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