Top 10 Reasons Why Wall Art Is The Best

March 10, 2020 4 min read

10 reasons why wall art is the best



Wall art goes back a long way - back to when the height of luxurious living was a deep, dark cave lit by a flickering fire. Even then, people decorated their walls with paintings and, in an early example of personalised wall art, handprint outlines. Some of that early wall art is stunningly beautiful. Have you seen it? Often simple and direct, often layered with meanings that we probably don't grasp today. 

Fast forward to the 21st century.

We all have walls in our homes. And, unless you're an ultra-minimalist, you'll have some wall art too. If you have young children who have been let loose with a pen, you might already have some personalised wall art (otherwise known as scribbles) on your wall - we certainly have! We have handprints too, and they weren't made by cave men!

Why do people love wall art?

Why have people always decorated the places they live in? Why is wall art so popular? Why buy wall art? Here are 10 reasons...

(1) Wall art is an incredibly effective and easy way of changing the way a room looks. If a room is looking a bit tired, you don't need to redecorate, ship in new furniture, add a chandelier and change the colour of the ceiling. Just add some wall art and see the different it makes.

(2) Wall art works well in every single room. It doesn't matter how big or small it is, or whether it's an unusual shape. There's always a place for a picture.

(3) Wall art doesn't take up much space, and the space it does take up is vertical so it's not used by many other things. Sure, shelves and TVs and cabinets take up vertical space, but there aren't many rooms where there is no available wall space for a picture or two.

(4) Wall art comes in an array of different sizes so you'll always be able to find something to fit, from the smallest miniature painting to the most enormous canvas.

(5) Wall art is available at every price point - all the way up to $450,000,000 (the price paid in 2017 for the Salvator Mundi painting by Leonardo da Vinci). Now $450 million might be a little out of your price range, but you can also get something for a dollar or less. But - a word of caution - it's usually best not to buy wall art on the basis of price. Buy wall art because you love it or because it means something special to you.

(6) Wall art can easily be moved around your home. Swap pictures round. Rotate them every couple of months. Freshen up the look of your whole house! Sometimes it's amazing how different a picture looks when you move it from one room (or wall) to another. You might see it in a different light (literally). In a room with pale walls, light reflects differently compared to a room with dark walls. 

(7) Wall art works equally well as a single piece or as a whole wall full of unrelated pieces. I like the busy look. I like the sense of exploration when presented with a wall full of pictures, the search for the most interesting picture or the one that grabs my attention, or the one that's trying to hide. But many people prefer the clean look - one wall, one picture, clean lines, a real focus of attention. It can look beautiful.

(8) Wall art can last a lifetime. You'll be able to get pleasure from it for a long, long time!

(9) Wall art displays your personality. The pictures you choose and the way you choose to display them says a lot about you. It shows your taste - bright colours or muted colours, fine lines or messy splodges, abstract or realistic. It shows your interests - pictures reminding you of your travels or of your profession. It shows your personal history - pictures of family and friends and places you've visited. Wall art is way to display your individuality.

(10) Wall art is personal - from the drawings your children bring home from school (what could be more personal than your child's picture of you?) to the cave men's handprints to the personalised wall art we design at elevencorners, it's all personal. It's about you and who you are.


Wall Art As A Gift

Wall art makes a wonderful gift. At elevencorners we make wall art that's personal - for memories, milestones and the things you love. Our wall art connects people to their family and friends, or to events like weddings and anniversaries, or to memories or places. It even connects people to their own identity (like the music they love).

Here's a personalised map print. It's a beautiful, unique piece of wall art with a personal touch - a location marker to show the position of your home. You can add a personal message at the bottom of the print too.

Personalised Uk map wall art by elevencorners

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