Six Reasons Why Custom Crosswords Make Great Gifts

March 23, 2020 3 min read

Why custom crosswords are great gifts

Personalised Crosswords

We've designed hundreds of custom crosswords here at elevencorners. A personalised crossword was the very first print that we added to our store on Not On The High Street - and it was the product that prompted Not On The High Street to invite us to join them in 2017.

We're talking here about crosswords as wall art. These crosswords don't have clues - they're a form of word art made by joining words together using common letters.

We get a lot of feedback from customers that custom crosswords make brilliant gifts that the recipients love. Why? Here are six very good reasons.

(1) Custom crosswords are unique.

By its very nature, a custom crossword is something that's custom-designed. So every one is different - every one has a different combination of words and a different design. 

So when you give someone a personalised crossword as a gift, you're giving something unique and personal. You're not treating that person as a member of the mass market, you're treating them as a individual. And where gifts are concerned, that's a very good thing!

(2) Custom crosswords can display lots of different kinds of information.

The most popular words from which we design crosswords are family names. But we've also seen travel destinations, descriptions of people, lists people's favorite things.

There are no end of subjects that you could make into a custom crossword. For example: favourite movies, bands, songs, beers, wines, pets, confectionery, car number plates (perfect for someone who has owned a lot of cars!).

(3) Custom crosswords mix the familar with the unexpected.

The first crossword was published on December 21st 1913, in the New York World newspaper, so crosswords have been around long enough for people to know instantly what they are without lengthy explanations. But a crossword showing words about your own family, or your own favourite travel destinations - this is something unexpected, something interesting.

(4) Crosswords look like graphic art from a distance.

With the unique pattern of little black and white squares, every crossword is a piece of graphic art, a form of decoration in itself. Some crosswords even become museum exhibits - sometimes with unintended consquences.

A news story from 2016 describes how a crossword-themed artwork by artist Arthur Koepcke, insured for 80000 euros, was unintentionally damaged by a 91 year old woman. She filled in the crossword with a ball point pen, not realising that she was defacing an artwork!

(5) Custom crosswords are very personal gifts.

And because they're personal, you can put a lot of 'you' into them - you can choose exactly which words to include. You know which words will make the crossword recipient smile or groan, you know which words will delight them by triggering a memory or reminding them of a funny moment from their past.

The recipient of a crossword with a strong connection to them is sure to love that you spent time creating such a personal gift just for them. Crosswords are also great fun to put together - much more fun than trudging round the internet desperately searching for inspiration!

(6) There's something cosy about crosswords, but...

Crosswords have such neatly defined borders and neatly defined rows and columns, everything is contained in nice little boxes, and this engenders a feeling of control. Yet within that cosy exterior lies the possibility of fiery content. The beauty of custom crosswords is that you decide the content!

If you're looking for a personalised crossword as to give as a gift, take a look at our crossword prints. At elevencorners we make wall art that's personal - for memories, milestones and the things you love. You can't much more personal than a crossword designed specifically as a gift for someone.

A few little tips when putting together your crossword:

  • Include a mixture of one or two long words and several medium and short words. 
  • Short titles tend to look more attractive than long titles.
  • Have fun!


personalised crossword by elevencorners

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