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Personalised Coordinates Wall Art - Why Is It Such A Good Gift?

March 27, 2020 3 min read

Why coordinates wall art is such a good gift

Longitude And Latitude

The system of longitude and latitude coordinates is quite brilliant. You can choose any location on Planet Earth and pinpoint it with just a few little numbers and a couple of letters. Simple but powerful.

Latitude measures how far north or south of the equator a location is. Longitude measures how far around the globe a location is. It's a system of enormous rows and columns, where the rows are stretched round the planet in a series of layers, and the columns are wrapped around the equator and both the poles.

Latitude and longitude have many obvious, critical, scientific uses: navigation, mapping, the positioning of satellites. And also, not quite so critically or scientifically, longitude and latitude coordinates make great pieces of wall art. Science and art are not so far apart.

So what is a coordinates print? It's a print with longitude and latitude coordinates displayed on it. You choose any place you like - your home, somewhere you visited on holiday, the place you were born, the place you met your partner. There are a lot of special places in all our lives!

Here are 5 reasons why custom coordinates prints make great wall art and very personal gifts.

(1) Simplicity.

Coordinates prints displays a special location in a beautifully simple way. There's no need for the visual complexities of a map, which means that other visual aspects of the wall art - the design, the fonts, the colour - can take centre stage. Simplicity has its own beauty.

(2) Connection.

Coordinates prints subtly remind us that the place celebrated on the wall art is connected to the rest of the planet. The longitude and latitude focus on one particular location, but they only make sense when viewed in the context of the whole Earth.

(3) Celebration.

Custom coordinates print are a great way to celebrate a special occasion, like the location of a wedding or moving into a new home. Most coordinates prints have the option to add one or two extra pieces of text - you can use these to show a date or people's names. They make the print a celebration not just of a place, but of a place and a time together.

(4) Everyone!

Coordinates prints are one of those rare gifts that are a great gift for almost anyone. Why? Because everyone has lots of places that are special to them for all sorts of different reasons. Whoever you're giving to will love that you created a piece of wall art just for them. It's easy to pick a special location to celebrate on a coordinates print. Weddings, anniversaries (especially for Valentine's Day) and new homes are always very popular!

(5) Personal Gift

A coordinates print is a very personal gift, with a very personal connection to whoever you're giving it to. It's a gift that shows you care. It shows you've treated the person you're giving the gift to as an individual - it'll make them feel special.

Pinpointing Your Location

There is one thing about personalised coordinates prints that is useful to know and is not always obvious when you order one.

At elevencorners we favour the classic degrees/minutes/seconds format to display longitudes and latitudes (we think this format is more beautiful than the alternative decimal format). But sometimes this classic format isn't quite accurate enough to pinpoint a location and we might need to add a decimal point after the seconds to get the exact spot.

As an example, here are some totally accurate coordinates for a location: 

51° 14' 10.4" N   00° 34' 13.2" W

The same location with rounded coordinates looks like this: 

51° 14' 10" N   00° 34' 13" W

It's not a big deal, but we thought it was worth mentioning.

At elevencorners we make wall art that's personal - for memories, milestones and the things you love. Custom coordinates prints are often used to mark milestones (like moving into a new home) or memories (a wedding or the place you first met your partner).

You can read about how some customers use our coordinates prints here.

All our custom coordinates print designs include the option to add at least one extra line of text (sometime two!) - this extra text means you can make your print extra personal!

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