Where It All Began...Coordinates Prints

February 25, 2021 2 min read

Where It All Began: Coordinates wall art

Where It All Began...Coordinates Prints

Customers have the best ideas. We often see inventive ideas when we do crossword designs for customers and recently we've noticed several customers all having the same, quietly wonderful and beautifully simple idea when they order a coordinates print from us. Like many ideas, it's obvious in retrospect. And maybe it's been obvious all along but we just haven't noticed it before.

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First of all, what is a coordinates print?

It's a piece of wall art that shows the longitude and latitude coordinates of a place that's special to you (or special to the person you're creating the wall art for). It could be anywhere: your home or the place where you grew up or your team's football stadium. 

coordinates wall art

Places are important. We live in them. We work in them. We describe ourselves as coming from them ("I'm from Manchester"). We travel to them to see or experience amazing things. 

And because special things happen somewhere, at a particular place, we remember it fondly - it has a special meaning to us forever afterwards. Places and events are intricately linked in our hearts and memories. The place where you got married. The place where your child was born. The place and the event become a kind of shorthand for one another.

For the 'several customers' I mentioned above, their special place was the place where they met their partner. It's a place that's worthy of celebration, no matter how mundane it might otherwise be. It's a critical part of a couple's story! So critical that without it, there might not be any story!

All elevencorners coordinates wall art shows the coordinates (obviously!) but it also has space to add an extra message or two. What difference does that make? A big difference! It means you can make your print so much more personal. There are so many ways you can use this space:

  • show a date
  • add a description of the place (a town name or the name of a restaurant, for example)
  • display a description of an event (like 'Mike and Sue's Amazing Wedding In The Park')
  • show a name or names
  • add a quote - something wise and famous, something funny or something that only makes sense to the person you're giving the coordinates print to

Less Is More

We've noticed that a lot of people are opting for a 'less is more' approach. They choose the beautifully simple phrase 'Where It All Began...' as their message. That's sometimes enough on its own but sometimes there's another message too: two names, the name of the place or a date.

We love this idea - celebrating the place where two people first met - because the resultant wall art is such a lovely, personal celebration of a very special place that doesn't always get celebrated.

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