Gift for a music lover - songs chosen by friends and family

March 13, 2021 4 min read

Unique and personal record collection print for music lovers

Gift for a music lover - songs chosen by friends and family

Imagine: it's someone's birthday.

They're a music lover - they've got a ton of CDs or vinyl LPs. They've got T-shirts and posters of their favourite bands.

Someone who loves them wants to get them something really personal as a gift. They have an idea! They ask all their friends and family to send them the songs that remind them of the birthday boy or birthday girl.

Then they collect all those song titles together and create a uniquely personal piece of wall art, a personalised record collection print. They add a special message to it and wrap it up ready for the special day.

personalised record collection print - you choose the records!

Why Is This Such A Brilliant Gift For A Music Lover?

Imagine you've been given a birthday present of a personalised record collection print.

You unwrap it carefully and at first you're not sure what it is because you've never seen anything like it before. It's obviously a picture of lots of LP record spines all in a row, all different colours, some leaning one way, some leaning the other, and it looks pretty cool. 

You look a little closer and read the artists and song titles. You recognise some of them. Actually, you recognise most of them. A lot of them are songs you know and love. Others are songs you used to know or songs that you only vaguely remember. One or two of them are songs you don't remember at all.

Then you notice that the first few record spines have an extra word on them, towards the bottom of the print, and the words make a message. You tilt your head to read it: 'These are the songs remind us of you'.

And that is when it hits you. You realise just how special this gift is: every song on the print has been specifically selected by someone you love because it reminds them of you. Every song has a different story. Every song triggers a different memory.


Songs And Memories

You start to read through the songs on the print again. But this time you're reading a bit more eagerly. You try to guess who chose which songs. You try to guess the reason why they chose each particular song.

And now, the vaguely remembered songs don't seem quite so vague any more.

Was that the song I did a crazy dance to on New Years Eve? Was that the first single I ever bought in a record shop? Was that the song my favourite band opened their show with when I first went to see them? Was that the irritating song that was playing incessantly on the radio when we did that incredibly long drive to go on holiday in 1992?

Songs are a window on to a memory. A piece of music can so easily whisk you back in time to when you listened to it. You might remember the people you were with, the place you were staying, the event you were enjoying, how you were feeling at the time, or maybe what was going on in the world. 

personalised record collection print - you choose the records!


Not Our Idea 

This amazing, uniquely personal gift idea didn't come from us. It came from one of our customers and it's absolutely brilliant (we've blogged before about the ideas that customers have - for example, see hereand here). 

We originally designed the personalised record collection print because we thought it would be a great way for people to celebrate the music they love, or to celebrate the music of someone they know. 

But the idea of friends and family choosing the songs that appear on the print takes things a step further - it's friends and family's memories of you, filtered through the amazing medium of music.

There might be some songs on the print that you can't for the life of you think why they're there. But when you talk to the person who chose it, they'll have a very good reason. It might be a song you've never heard of but the song title, or some of the lyrics, reminds them of you. And how interesting it would be to then go and listen to that song!

Everyone Will Want To See Your Record Collection Print

When those who chose songs for the print come to visit you, they'll be keen to see your print. They'll search for the songs that chose and they'll be able to tell you exactly why they chose them. They'll see other songs too and ask you about them. You'll soon be talking about the music and reminiscing about the memories. 

A personalised record collection print is a piece of wall art that shows a picture of lots of records, as if they are sitting on a shelf together. The artist and title of every record is chosen by you. If you choose albums (rather than singles or songs), we can find out and print the year of release as well. Read full details about the personalised record collection print here.

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