Printable Family Wordsearch PDF - Another Brilliant Customer Idea

March 21, 2021 3 min read

Family Wordsearch Printable PDF - another use!

Printable Family Wordsearch PDF - Another Brilliant Customer Idea


We recently had a very interesting order for a family wordsearch printable PDF. The order was interesting because:

  • the customer didn't want a family wordsearch print
  • the customer requested a customisation that shows one of the big advantages of buying from a small business
  • this order illustrates beautifully some of the reasons why you might order a printable PDF rather than a physical print

We're sharing their idea here because the order worked out so well and the customer was kind enough to send us a picture of their finished print.

(1) Family Wordsearch - A New Use

Although the customer ordered a family wordsearch printable from us, they didn't want a family wordsearch print; they wanted a Valentines Day print to display for the customers in their hair salon.

Our family wordsearch prints are different to most wordsearch prints because you can display two sets of words on them, instead of just one. This gives you a lot of scope to be creative when you're deciding what words to include on your print. The print or printable comes in several different colours so you can choose the most appropriate colour for your print.

We thought customers might use the first set of words for family names and the second set for other things that are important to the family (like pets names, the name of the town where they live or descriptive words that are relevant to the family, like LOVE, TOGETHER and MEMORIES). We didn't think anyone would order it as a Valetines Day print!

But using this design for Valentines Day (or, indeed, for many other occasions), is a great idea!

This customer chose the 'red' colour option, used the first set of words for a message to THEIR customers and they used the second set for words related to Valentines Day. Here's the photo they send us of the finished print displayed in their salon:

family wordsearch printable pdf used as a valentines day message

(2) Customisation

When they made their order, the customer asked us if we could change the font that appears at the bottom of the print. They wanted something more modern than the standard font we use, something that matched better with their clients. We sent them a couple of variations and they sent us the kind of thing they wanted. We ended up using the font they sent us and the end result looked brilliant!

This shows one of the big advantages of buying from a small business - we can be flexible and tailor an existing design to your specific requirements. We took the time to try out a few different variations and the customer got exactly what they wanted rather than something that was almost, but not quite, what they wanted. 

(3) The advantages of Printables over Physical Prints

This order was a brilliant example of why it's sometimes better to order a printable are rather than a physical print. We've written about this before (see our blog post The Pros And Cons Of Printables - Should You Buy Wall Art As A Printable PDF?).

Here's why a printable worked out so well for this particular order:

  • The customer was in the USA and we're in Ireland. Ordering a printable meant that they didn't have to wait for a physical print to be preprared, printed, posted and delivered. Communication was easy and done via messages so the time difference between the USA and Ireland wasn't ever a problem.
  • The customer arranged their own printing locally and they chose a finish that we don't offer - they opted for a beautiful framed canvas print. If they'd ordered a physical print from us, they wouldn't have been able to choose this finish because don't offer it (not yet, anyway!).
  • If their framed canvas accidentally gets damaged, they'll easily be able to make another exact copy.

They used an online printer to make their print (we're all in favour of this - see our blog How To Print Printable Personalised Wall Art).

We think that there must be many other uses for our family wordsearch print design (a retirement gift, perhaps, or a wedding gift) - no doubt we'll see other customers using it for different ideas. And when we see another use that we love, we'll do another blog post about it.

Here's the listing for the printable PDF... (this one's in blue, rather than red).

Family Wordsearch Printable PDF


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