Personalised Prints For Couples

March 23, 2021 4 min read

personalised prints for couples

Personalised Prints For Couples

Looking for a personalised gift for a couple? It's not always an easy thing to find! Why? Because...

  • the gift has to please two people, rather than just one person
  • the gift has to be appropriate for both people (it's usually best not to favour one person over the other when you're giving to two people together)
  • ideally, the gift celebrates something about the 'coupleness' of the couple (yes, I know, coupleness isn't a real word, but I hope you know what I mean)
  • since you're choosing something personalised, you'll want it to be something a bit special - unique, even - otherwise you might as well get a more generic gift that you know they can both enjoy (bottles of wine or boxes of chocolates usually meet with appreciation and smiles, even if they're not particularly original or memorable gifts).

We've put together a little list of couple-appropriate gifts. They are all unique, because they all have significant elements of personalisation. They are all pieces of wall art (find out why personalised prints make such good gifts here). They are all designed to trigger memories or celebrate the 'coupleness' of a couple...

(1) Special Date Print

All couples have special dates. The date they first met. The date they got engaged. The date they got married. The dates their children were born.

Wall art displaying a couple's special date is an obvious place to start when choosing a personalised print for a couple. You might want to go for a 'less is more' approach and choose a print that shows the date only, or you might want to think about adding your own personal touch with a message.

Our special dates prints have the option to add messages above and below the date, which gives you all the options: no message, one message or two messages. 

Personalised Special Date Print

Dates, of course, are traditionally displayed as a set of numbers (or, if you'e got more space, words).

But we think dates are ideal for displaying as artworks too, where the artwork is created from the individual elements of the date - the day, month and year. These artworks are unique and you can personalise them with names and dates. We have several different designs. Here's just one example that shows each element of the date as a different circle - count the arrowheads on each circle to reveal the date (days on the inner ring, month on the middle ring, year on the outer ring)...

Special Date Geometric Artwork Print



(2) Special Place Print

All couples have special places as well as special dates - and often, the two (places and dates) go together. The place where they first met. The place they got engaged. The place they got married. The place where they live.

Fortunately, any place on the planet can be pinpointed with just a few numbers and a couple of letters - the longitude/latitude coordinates system is fantastically simple and very powerful. Coordinates prints are a popular way to celebrate a particular place (find out why coordinates prints are such popular gifts here). 

Coordinates Print

Just as with dates, we think coordinates prints are ideal for displaying as artworks too, by using the different elements (degrees, minutes and seconds) of the longitude and latitude coordinates to create the art. The advantage over text-based prints is that the image created from the coordinates has a beauty of its own, as well as the beauty of celebrating a couple's special place.

Here's an example...the top half of the circular artwork shows the latitude, the bottom half shows the longitude (and yes, you can read the coordinates out of the artwork if you know how). There's space at the bottom of the print to include your own special message.

Coordinates Special Place Geometric Wall Art

 Special places can also be celebrated with a place name instead of coordinates. Perhaps the couple you're choosing a gift for have a favourite city or a holiday home...

Personalised Location Print


(3)  Words Of Wisdom

Is there are phrase or saying that seems just right for the couple? Is there something you say to them or they say to you that always makes you all laugh or reminds you of a special time you spent together? Is there a line from a film or a song that just seems as though it was written for them?

Then a personalised quote print is the perfect gift! Put those special words of wisdom, or words of humour, or words of silliness, on to a print! And by all means add an extra little personal touch with a special message above and/or below the quote. 

Personalised quote prints are incredibly versatile and if you can match the right words to the right couple, you have a winner!

Personalised Quote Print


(4) Flowers

Everyone loves flowers, don't they? Flowers remind us of growth and natural beauty. Flowers are a very traditional gift - they bring freshness into a house.

The geometric flowers on this print are special and very personal because they're 'grown' from the dates of birth of two people. The details of each flower's outer petals, inner petals and centre is created from the day, month and year of a date. The result is a beautiful, uniquely personal piece of wall art...

Personalised Couples Flowers Print

(5) Ogham Names Print

Ogham is an ancient alphabet from Ireland and it looks beautiful. You can find Ogham on rocks and standing stones throughout Ireland (mainly in Munster) and even in some parts of the UK.

This print shows the names of two people converted into Ogham, along with the names on either side of the print. You can add a personal message too, if you want. It's an unusual print, especially good for a couple who have a connection to Ireland.

Read more about Ogham here.

Ogham couples names print

See the full range of elevencorners couples personalised print here.

If you have any suggestions about what sort of personalised print is a suitable gift for a couple, leave us a comment below!

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