Top 5 (And A Half) Reasons Why Personalised Gifts Are The Best

March 09, 2020 4 min read

Reasons why personalised wall art is the best

Personalised Gifts And Personal Connections

Personalised gifts are more widely available now than they've ever been, at least in recent times. Way back in the Stone Age I imagine that almost every gift was personalised - in the sense that gifts were custom made, or perhaps collected from nature, on a person-by-person basis.

The key thing about gifts is that they should have a personal connection with whoever you're giving them to. If you give someone a sparkling new brand of coffee beans, it should be something that they're eager to taste. There's no point in giving someone coffee beans if they haven't got a way to grind them and they don't like coffee.

Why Personalised Gifts Are Best

Here are our reasons why personalised gifts make such good presents.


Personal Connection...

(1) Personalised gifts have a personal connection to the recipient. They connect the recipient to something bigger - to their family, perhaps, or to a place or a memory.

Gifts that aren't personalised can sometimes do this too. You could give someone a picture of the Eiffel Tower to remind them of when they lived in Paris. But if you discovered the exact Metro station they used every day, a picture of that station might have an even stronger personal connection. For gifts, the more personal the connection, and the stronger it is, the better.


Treat who you've giving to as an individual...

(2) Personalised gifts show the person you're giving to that you've treated them as an individual, not as 'just another person to get a gift for'. A personalised gift is a signal that it wasn't something you picked up at the last minute in the nearest petrol station. It's evidence that you've put some thought into your gift.

It's not always the case that 'it's the thought that counts' but for personalised gifts, a little thought goes a long way.



(3) A personalised gift is often unique. In a world where so many things start their existence in an enormous, impersonal, automated factory, a little uniqueness always stands out.

Imagine a supermarket shelf stacked high with cornflakes - all the same color, all the same size, all the same packaging. ALL THE SAME. But there, right at the top, is a smaller box. It's a different colour, it's a different shape and it's got your name on it in golden letters! It's unique! It stands out!


Any Occasion...

(4) Personalised gifts are brilliant for celebrating occasions that aren't catered for by mass production. You can buy an off-the-shelf birthday card with just about any age printed on the front. Wedding anniversaries are well covered and housewarming gifts are plentiful.

But many occasions are just not covered - the more specific and personal they are, the less likely you'll be able to get a gift for precisely that occasion.

Imagine you've just emigrated to a new country after many years of living somewhere else (we did this not so long ago!). It's a big move, a big upheaval, not something you take on lightly. And it's something worth celebrating. A personalised gift is just the ticket in a situation like this. a little bit of 'you'...

(5) This is the biggie! This is the reason we think personalised gifts are the best. A personalised gift lets you add a little bit of 'you' to your gift. Use your creativity to add a personal message or a snippet of a memory. Elevate your gift from personalised (which, if we're honest, sounds a little bit like a factory process) to truly personal.

Imagine giving someone a gift that reminds them of something they'd forgotton - some funny moment or shared incident. Imagine giving someone a gift that makes them smile, or makes them cry. These are the truly personal gifts that strengthen bonds of family or friendship.


All Of The Above In A Single Gift...

(5 and a half) A personalised gift often combines all of the above - the personal connection, the thoughtfulness, the uniqueness, the ability to celebrate a really specific occasion, plus the fact that you can give a little bit of 'you'. That's why personalised gifts are the best.


Wall Art That's Personal

At elevencorners, we design wall art that makes ideal personalised gifts. We make wall art that's personal, for memories, milestones and the things you love.

Our prints connect people:

- with each other (like their family and friends)
- to important events (like weddings and anniversaries)
- to memories (like travel memories)
- to places (like their home or the place they were born)
- with their own identity (like the music they love)

There are loads of ways you can add a little bit of 'you' to our prints.

Here's an example. It's a personalised song print for the song 'Baby I Love You' (this was our wedding dance!). You can add a personal message at the bottom of the print (e.g. the date and venue of a wedding). We have several other personalised song print designs and we add new ones from time to time. Let us know if there's a particular song you want!

Personalised Baby I Love You wall art by elevencorners


Here's one of our favourite personalised prints - a family names crossword. Every family is unique, and so is every family names crossword. All the family together, interconnected, on one print...

personalised family names crossword print

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