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Personalised 40th Birthday Prints - Unique 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

May 31, 2022 4 min read

personalised 40th birthday prints

Personalised 40th Birthday Prints - Unique 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Life begins at forty! And the beginning of life is obviously something worth celebrating.

Big milestone birthdays, like forty, can sometimes be tricky to find suitable gifts for. But maybe we can help you. A personal gift usually hits the mark: a personal gift strengthens the bond between the giver and recipient, a personal gift shows you've treated the recipient as an individual rather than as 'just another person to find a gift for'. We've collected together some of the best 40th birthday personalised prints we have and put them on this one one handy page. 

Our prints: 

  • are specifically designed as 40th birthday presents
  • can often include your own personal touch, like a personalised message, so you can make your print just right for whoever you're giving it to

Let's get right on with it...

(1) The Top Ten Records From 40 Years Ago: Music On The Day You Were Born

Have you ever wondered what music was at the top of the charts on the day you were born? This print answers that question! You tell us a date of birth from 40 years ago and we print the UK's top ten singles on a custom music print. 

There are two print designs, each fir a different retro music format: 

  • the vinyl LP (undergoing a big resurgence at the moment)
  • the cassette tape (the rather fiddly, annoying format that we all love to hate BUT - importantly - it did give us the freedom to make our own mix tapes).

Both print designs come in a choice of colours and they can, of course, be customised so you can make them really personal. Click on the pictures below to see the different options.

The LP print shows the top ten songs printed on a record label:

personalised top ten 40th birthday record print

The cassette tape print shows the top ten songs on a cassette label: personalised top ten 40th birthday cassette tape print

(2) Personalised Record Collection Print

This print gives the impression of a record collection and it shows popular records that were in the charts 40 years ago. Half the records are albums and half are singles, which means you get a great mix of artists and songs; you get a good idea of what music was popular in the UK charts all those years ago. 

This print shows music from the UK charts (we have another version that shows music from the US charts):

personalised 1992 record collection print


To make your print more personal, there are three (optional) ways in which you can customise it:

  • add a short message (with one character on each record spine) - this message is printed along the bottom of the print, below the year (it's great for messages like 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE!').
  • add a longer message, with one word on each record spine - this message appears towards the top of the print
  • Finally, if there are any special records from 40 years ago that you particularly want to appear on the print, we can change our standard selection to include it.

This print is ideal for music lovers. It's a unique, nostalgic, music print. 

Here's a detailed look at some of the spines:


personalised 1982 uk music record collection print

(3) 40th Birthday Facts Print

This print is packed full of interesting facts and trivia from 40 years ago. It's a real mix of information: sport, movies, money, TV, famous births, music, news events. 

The recipient's name and birthdate appear in the middle of the design and they are surrounded by all the things that were going on in the world when they were born; it's a little piece of their own personal history.

This print is based on UK events (for example, the sporting events are those that are well-known and popular in the UK). The prints come in several different colours.

personalised 40th birthday facts print



Here's a close-up in a different colour:


personalised 40th birthday facts print

(4) Personalised 40th Birthday Abstract Art Year and Date Prints

A very simple idea is behind the creation of these abstract art prints: replace numbers with colours, then use the colours to create the artwork. Dates are often written using numbers so they're perfect for this unique kind of custom abstract art print.

Here's an example...

  • The date 4th March 1962 can be written as 04031962
  • Allocate each number a colour
  • Print the colours in the same sequence as the date to create the artwork - the sequence of colours is unique for every date
  • At the bottom of the print, we print the colour and its number in a series of little circles 
  • For a 40h birthday gift, print a date of birth, or the date of a 40th birthday

These prints appeal to people with an interest in computing, science or mathsbecause they're already familiar with the concept of presenting numerical information in a visual way.

In maths, presenting data visually often makes things easier to understand. In these custom artworks, presenting the date visually is just a bit of fun! 

It's fascinating to watch someone look at one of these prints and try to work out  what it means (it's not hard to 'crack the code' but it's very satisfying when you do!).

The custom abstract artworks for years are more minimalist and somewhat bolder, because there are only four digits in a year rather than the eight digits in a complete day/month/year date:

personalised year abstract geometric art print


These abstract geometric artworks are available in a range of colour schemes. Click on the pictures above to see the full range of colours.

(5) Personalised 40th Birthday Year In Music Print

A music print bursting with music trivia and factsfrom 40 years ago. The print shows lists of the top selling UK albums and singles, information on music awards and live music, births of famous musicians, and many other music events from forty years ago. There are plenty of facts for music-lovers to pore over!

You personalise this print with the name and date of birth of the gift recipient. We use the birth date to add another nice little detail: we print the UK number one single and album on the day they were born.

The print is a unique piece of personal music history and a fabulous nostalgic conversation piece. It's available in several colour schemes.


 personalised 40th birthday music facts print

You'll find our full range of personalised 40th birthday prints and gifts here.

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