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Personalised 18th Birthday Prints - Unique 18th Birthday Gift Ideas

May 27, 2022 4 min read

personalised 18th birthday prints and gifts

Personalised 18th Birthday Prints - Unique 18th Birthday Gift Ideas

Eighteen is a big milestone birthday so it can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable gift that doesn't cost the earth. That's where personal gifts really hit the mark; they're great for the giver and the recipient. That's why we've collected together some of the best 18th birthday personalised prints we have and we've put them all on this one one handy page. 

Our prints: 

  • are specifically designed as 18th birthday presents
  • can often include your own personal touch, like a personalised message - this means you can make your print just right for whoever you're giving it to

Let's get started...

(1) Record Collection Print

A print that looks like a record collection and shows records that were popular in the charts 18 years ago. Half the records are albums and half are singles, so get a really good mix of artists and songs, and it gives a great idea of what music was popular in the UK charts eighteen years ago. 

This version of the print shows music from the UK charts (we have another version that show music from the USA):


 Personalised record collection 18th birthday print

In order to make your print much more personal, you can customise it in three ways (all optional):

  • You can add a short message with one character on each record spine. This message is printed along the bottom of the print, below the year (it's perfect for short messages like 'HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!').
  • You can add a longer message, where each word appears on a different spine at the top of the print.
  • Finally, if there are any special records from 18 years ago that you want to include on the print, we can change our standard selection to add it.

This print is ideal for anyone who loves music. It's a unique, rather nostalgic, print that starts conversations and evokes memories. 

Here's a detailed look at some of the spines:

personalised 18th birthday record collection print


(2) 18th Birthday Facts Print

This print is crammed full of trivia and facts from 18 years ago. It's a real mix of different kinds of information: sport, TV, famous births, movies, music, money, historical events. 

The print puts the recipient in the centre: their name and date of birth are shown in the middle of the design. The print is a small piece of their personal history - it's the world they were born into.

This print is based on UK events (for example, the sporting events are those that are well-known and popular in the UK). The prints come in a range of colours.

personalised 18th birthday facts print


Here's a close-up in a different colour:

personalised 18th birthday facts print


(3) The Top Ten Records From 18 Years Ago: Music On The Day You Were Born

What music was at the top of the charts on the day you were born? The answer appears on this print! We find out the top ten singles from the UK charts on a date 18 years ago and and print them on this custom music print. 

There are two print designs to choose from:

  • the vinyl LP (currently undergoing a big resurgence)
  • the cassette tape (the format we all love to hate but which gave us the freedom to make our own mix tapes).

Both prints come in a choice of colours and, importantly, they can be customised so you can make them really personal. Click on the pictures below to see the different options.

The LP print shows the top ten songs printed on a record label:

personalised record label top ten songs print



The cassette tape print shows the top ten songs on a cassette label:

personalised cassette tape top ten songs 18th birthday print


(4) Personalised 18th Birthday Abstract Art Year and Date Prints

We've used a very simple idea to create these prints: replace numbers with colours, then use the colours to create the print. Since dates are often written using numbers, they're perfect for this unique kind of custom abstract art print.

It's best to explain with an example. So here's an example...

  • The date 4th March 1962 can be written as 04031962
  • Allocate each number a colour
  • To create the artwork, print the colours in the same sequence as the date (see below) - the sequence of colours is different for each and every date
  • At the bottom of the print, we print the colour and its number in a series of little circles 
  • For an 18th birthday gift, print their date of birth, or the date of their 18th birthday

These prints appeal to people with an interest in science, maths or computing because they're already very familiar with the idea of presenting numerical information in a visual way.

In science, presenting data visually often makes things easier to understand. In these custom artworks, presenting the date visually is just a bit of fun! It's interesting to watch someone look at one of these prints and try to work out the meaning (it's not hard to 'crack the code' but it's very satisfying when you do!).

The custom abstract artworks for years (rather than dates with days and months) are more minimalist and bolder, because there are only four digits in a year:

personalised year abstract geometric art print


These abstract geometric artworks are available in a range of colour schemes. Click on the pictures above to see the full range of colours.

(5) Personalised 18th Birthday Year In Music Print

A music print bursting with music facts and trivia from 18 years ago. What's included on the print? Lists of the top selling albums and singles (from the UK charts), information on live music and music awards, births of famous musicians, and lots of other music events from 18 years ago. Plenty of facts for music-lovers to pore over!

You personalise this print with the name and birth date of the gift recipient. We use their birth date to add another nice little personal detail: the UK number one single and album on the day they were born. The print is a brilliant piece of personal music history and a lovely nostalgic conversation piece. It's available in several colour schemes.

personalised 2001 18th birthday music print


You'll find our full range of personalised 18th birthday prints and gifts here.

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