Personalised Christmas Family Prints - gift ideas for families at Christmas

August 06, 2020 3 min read

Personalised Christmas Family Prints - gift ideas for families at Christmas

Personalised Christmas Family Prints - gift ideas for families at Christmas

What sort of family gift should you give this Christmas? What makes a great gift for a family? You could get a generic gift. Or you could find:

  • something personal
  • something unique
  • something the whole family can share

Finding family Christmas gifts doesn't have to be hard. Personalised prints are such good gifts because:

  • they're personal
  • they're thoughtful
  • they're unique
  • they show you've cared enough to create something special for the family
  • every family can find wall space for a beautiful print - wall art doesn't gather dust like some ornamental gifts do and it'll last longer than a box of chocolates!

This is a mini gift guide of gift ideas for families at Christmas. Look at the personalised prints below - they're all personal, all thoughtful and all unique. They're all personalised family prints - all designed for families


Family Names Crossword

A popular Christmas gift is a piece of personalised wall art that celebrates family - it's a lovely personalised gift for a family to give to itself as well as to grandparents or to other families. Crosswords are especially suitable for celebrating family because:

  • every crossword, like every family, is unique
  • crosswords show all the family together, interconnected, on one print
  • every name is equal on a crossword (remove one name and you break the crossword) - on many other family prints there can be an implied order in the names

Read our blog post about family names crosswords

Read our blog post about family names prints and why they're good for the both the gift giver AND the gift recipient

Here's a fun, cheery rainbow-coloured crossword style personalised print - one of several styles we offer:

Here's another personalised family print - it's black and white but you can choose from several other colours too, so you'll be able to match it to the decor in whichever room you plan to hang it: 


 custom family names crossword print

Family Rainbow Prints

Rainbows have been 'a bit of a thing' in 2020. Families have often been around each other more in 2020 too, due to lockdowns and enforced isolation.

We designed this striking, friendly, bright print - a simple, cheerful, welcoming piece of wall art. It's a happy family print for a children's playroom or bedroom, but looks equally at home in a hallway or another part of the house where you want to inject a bit of colour.

Imagine walking into someone's home and seeing such a friendly piece of wall art! It'd put a smile on your face!


Family Birthdays Geometric Wall Art

You've probably never heard of this kind of wall art before, and that's because it's unique.

The geometric design is created from the birthday dates (day and month) of all the members in the family. Each family member's birthday is represented by a pair of rings on the artwork. The number of arrow heads on the rings shows the birth date. Below the artwork the colour-matched family names show which ring belongs to which person. 

In short: a unique piece of artwork created from, and for, a family. Every family is unique, so why shouldn't every family have it's own unique piece of artwork? These pieces have a calm, sophisticated look, minimalistic and alluring.

Imagine explaining to visitors that the art hanging in your home was actually created from the birthdays of those who live there - it's a lovely little story to be able to tell.


Family Birthdays Geometric Wall Art 2

A completely different design and feel compared to the previous print, but based on the same idea: it's unique family art created from a set of family birthdays.

This wall art has something of an ancient feel to it - all the spots are a little uneven and have a beautifully textured appearance, a bit like pebbles or an early form of writing. And when you count the spots, you get a date. The first row in the picture below shows 4, 9 then 61 spots - 4th September 1961 (or, if you're in the US, 9th April 1961). Names at the bottom of the print show which set of dots refers to each person.

It's a nice story to tell people who look at the print, and it's also a means of not forgetting birthdays!


Family Names Crossword Colouring Sheet

Every family needs activities at Christmas - something everyone can get involved in.

How about you all contribute your artistic talents to colouring a bespoke colouring sheet of your family names in the form of a crossword? You'll have a unique family-created artwork at the end of it. Frame it, stick it on the wall and remember a great family Christmas. We'll send you a PDF of the colouring sheet too, so you can print it at home or locally.


Happy Christmas Gift Choosing!

See our full range of personalised family prints here.

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