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Personalised 1954 Prints

Personalised 1954 prints - a collection of personalised prints and wall art to celebrate 1954

1954 is an extremely special year for some people (anyone born in 1954 thinks it's quite special!). And we've created some special personalised birthday wall art just for them - personalised prints that makes great a 70th birthday gift. 

These personalised 1954 prints are available here on the elevencorners website (where you are now) and on a handful other websites we sell through. The prints have all been designed in-house by us. 

1954 Print Personalisation

  • for all print designs, personalisation is part of the design process from the beginning, it's not something that's 'squeezed in' at the end
  • entering the personalisation is simple: just (a) fill in the boxes with appropriate information and (b) choose from the options
  • the personalisation options are shown in the image gallery for each print - it's easier to see, rather than to explain, where each piece of personalisation appears on the print
  • If you have got any questions, please ask us! (opens in a new page). 

Process & Delivery Times For Personalised 1954 Prints

  • each personalised print is created individually
  • the artwork for your print is usually sent to our print partner within one working day (often quicker)
  • our print partners usually ship prints within 3 or 4 working days
  • local courier or postal services near you can affect delivery times

Check our Estimated Shipping and Delivery times (opens in a new page) 

We'll keep you updated your on the progress of your order.

Personalised Prints For Other Years

We have personalised print and wall art collections for lots of other years too! 

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