Gifts For Beatles Fans

May 14, 2021 3 min read

Unique gift ideas for fans of The Beatles

Gifts for Beatles Fans

The Beatles split up in 1970, but their influence lives on, and here we are several decades later. Their songs are still all over the place - they're Here, There And Everywhere. That's the beauty of a good tune: it doesn't matter how old it is, it just matters whether you can whistle it or sing along to it.

Choosing a gift for a fan of The Beatles shouldn't be too hard. Even if the person you're buying for has all the music, there are still a gazillion other Beatles-related things to choose from. Whether it's vintage Beatles memorabilia (there's some really great, wonderfully tacky stuff out there!) or books or a replica guitar, there's no shortage of choice. 

And we've just added to that choice, with some unique prints and posters to celebrate The Beatles' music.

1. The Beatles Record Collection Print

A print that celebrates the entire output of the band - albums by The Beatles, but also solo albums by each of the members: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

The albums are pictured in a row, as though they are all sitting on a shelf leaning against one another. Each print includes all the Parlophone Beatles studio albums plus key albums from each of the band members. 

You can also include an optional personal message too. Each word of the message is printed on a different album spine, beginning with the album on the left hand side of the print.

The Beatles Record Collection Print


Here's a close up that shows some of the detail...

The Beatles Record Collection Print - close up


We also have a The Beatles Discography Record Collection print that shows Beatles records only: All The Beatles 13 original UK studio albums released on the Parlophone or Apple labels, all 17 UK number one singles, and some EPs too!: Check out The Beatles Discography Print. Here's a close up look at it...

The Beatles record collection discography print
The Beatles record collection discography print


2. The Beatles Discography Wheel Print

This is a unique artwork created from every song on every studio album released by The Beatles(the 'core' albums released on Parlophone). The artwork looks a bit like a wheel - hence the name.

Every album appears in a different colour and every track appears as an arrow where the arrow's length represents the length of the song. So Revolution 9 from the The White Album album is the longest arrow, with I Want You (She's So Heavy) from Abbey Road not far behind.

All the albums and songs are printed below the artwork so it's easy to see which songs and albums relate to each part of the artwork.

The Beatles Discography Wheel Print


Here's a close up of this unique gift for fans of The Beatles:

The Beatles Discography Wheel Print - close up



3. Any Album By The Beatles Turned Into Geometric Art

We can turn any album by The Beatles (or, indeed, any album by any other artist) in to a unique piece of geometric art. 

We use the playing time of each song on an album to create the artwork, so there's a direct link between the artwork and the album; the art wouldn't exist without the album. We use one piece of art (an album) to create another piece of art.

Read more about how we create geometric art from albums here.

See 10 classic albums turned into geometric art here

Here's an example - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band:

The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Geometric Art


4. The Beatles Albums And Songs Print

A unique print that shows the title of all 13 Parlophone studio albums by The Beatles, and the title of every song on every album, all arranged as a piece of word art. Each album and its songs are colour-coded so it's easy to see which songs are featured on each album.

It's wall art that celebrates The Beatles' amazing music - there are so many well-known and well-loved songs here!

The Beatles albums and songs poster


The Beatles albums and songs print

5. The Beatles Cassette Tape Print

A great way to celebrate a favourite Beatles song or album is with a personalised cassette tape print - a piece of retro music wall art. On this design we can add a Spotify code too, so you can scan the code using the Spotify App on your phone and it will automatically start to play the song or the album!

You can add your own message at the bottom of the print too, to make it an even more personal gift.

Personalised Cassette Tape Print with optional Spotify Code

6. The Beatles Albums Crossword Print

All 13 Beatles Parlophone/Apple albums arranged in a crossword - a lovely, simple way to celebrate the music of this amazing band, presented as a traditional crossword. The clues include the UK release date of each album. For long album titles, the first part of the title is in the crossword grid and the second part is included in it's clue.

We create unique wall art for lots of music artists, not just The Beatles. 

See all elevencorners music discography prints here.

See all elevencorners music wall art here, including turning albums into geometric art.

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