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Grandparents And Grandchildren - Bonds, Crosswords And Remembering Birthdays

May 20, 2021 2 min read

Grandparents And Grandchildren - Bonds, Crosswords And Remembering Birthdays

Grandparents And Grandchildren - Bonds, Crosswords And Remembering Birthdays

Grandparents and grandchildren have a special bond. A generation separates them, yet that separation in age helps bring them closer together. Grannies and grandads who are lucky enough to have several grandchildren may not see them as often as they like, especially if they live far away or there are travel (or other) restrictions in place (we've had plenty of those over the last several months!). 

We've designed several custom crosswords for grandparents, either as gifts from someone else or ordered by the grandparents themselves. The crosswords show the names of all their grandchildren. They make lovely, personal gifts. Hanging on a wall, they're a constant reminder of the bond to family who are out of sight but not out of mind.

Feedback From A Grandparent

We love hearing feedback from customers about how the prints we've created for them are used. One piece of recent feedback from a grandparent really stood out. It reminded us that personalised prints aren't just something to hang on the wall and forget about.

Personalised prints are interactive.They have an effect people, they affect people's behaviour, they can strengthen the connection between people (like grandparents and their grandchildren), they can make people happy! It made us happy too!

The customer told us that their family crossword print was something of a favourite with their grandchildren. Whenever they came to visit, the grandkids all have loads of fun looking for their names on the crossword! How heartwarming is that!

(As a quick aside: if you're previous elevencorners customer and you have a little story about your print, do let us know! We love hearing how our prints get on once they're released to the outside world!)

The nature of crosswords is that if you add one more word, it's very likely that the entire crossword needs to be redesigned. So when a new grandchild was born, our customer ordered a new crossword to include the new name.

I imagine that the new crossword was a surprise to their grandkids when they first saw it, because all the names had moved around!

Read more about family crosswords here.

Remembering Birthdays

If you're a granny or a grandad with several grandchildren, it can sometimes be a bit of a struggle to remember exactly when everybody's birthday is. And the birthdays of grandchildren is not something that most grandparents want to forget! So we designed a family birthday crossword with grandparents especially in mind. 

The family birthday crossword design has all the strengths of other family crosswords:

  • they're unique to the family (in the same way that every family is unique)
  • crosswords are, by their very nature, interconnected - in the same way that families are interconnected
  • they're attractive pieces of wall art that celebrate family

But the family birthday crossword is unique because:

  • you can include the birthday (day and month) alongside each name in the crossword
  • So what? So you never need to forget another birthday!

Check out this blog post to find out how a customer invented another use for family birthday crosswords

personalised family birthday crossword


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