Music On The Day You Were Born - Year Of Music Wall Art

July 16, 2021 3 min read

music on the day you were born wall art

Music On The Day You Were Born - Year Of Music Wall Art

What music was popular on the day you were born? What was at the top of the charts? For a fan of popular music, it's a question that crops up every now and then. And with the power of the internet, it's usually easy to answer. 

We recently had a customer order our Year Of Music print and gave it a bit of a twist - they transformed it into a Music On The Day You Were Born print. The way they did it was really easy...details below.


A Year Of Music Print

The idea behind our 'Year Of Music' wall art is simple:

  • You choose a year
  • We find out what music was popular that year and what music was released by well-known artists during the year
  • We create a record collection print that displays the songs or albums for your year

Here's what the print looks like:

personalised year of music record collection print

In close up you can see the details better:

year of music record collection print close up

We print the year at the bottom, the artist name and album (or song) title on each record spine.

There's room for an optional message of your own too, so you can make the print really personal. The message blends nicely with the rest of the print - it appears, one word at a time, on the record spines starting on the left hand side.

A Year Of Music print is a fantastic talking point. It's visually appealing when it's hanging on a wall - you get a lovely pattern of narrow coloured stripes - but you get even more out of it when you get up close and read the record spines. It's a real conversation starter and memory-jogger.

However, one of our customers wanted a much more specific time frame; a year was way too long. They wanted to narrow it down to a single day. It's such a brilliant idea that we're sharing it here!

A Day Of Music

Our record collection prints are extremely flexible: you can choose exactly what music titles appear on your print. You can include albums, singles, individual songs. You can even include completely bogus records that don't actually exist!

(One customer included several bogus records supposedly released by the person they were giving the print to! What a lovely surprise that must have been when they first looked at the print!)

Our customer who had the brilliant idea of a Day Of Music print did a simple internet search. They sent us a link to a music chart dated on their friend's date of birth: 50 songs from 50 years ago. So we filled their record collection print with those 50 songs! It made a wonderful, unique birthday present!

Here's a close up - music from a day on the charts in 1971:

year of music record collection print

As an alternative, instead of choosing music from a birth date, you could choose music that was popular at a 14th birthday, an age that studies have shown is roughly when musical tastes are formed. Whoever you're creating the print for is sure to recognise lots of the artists and records on a print like this. Whether they love the music or hate it, it will no doubt evoke plenty of memories!

This music wall art is available in several sizes: from A4 right up to 18x24 inches.

Find out full details of the Year Of Music record collection print here.

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