London Underground Prints - Geometric Wall Art For Tube Stations

July 19, 2021 3 min read

london underground prints - geometric wall art for tube stations

London Underground Prints - Geometric Wall Art For Tube Stations

The design for the London Underground Tube Map is famously fabulous. It's a classic piece of design work simplifies the complexities of a sprawling geographical network of stations and train lines into something so elegant that some people hang it on their walls as a piece of art. Lots of people use it every single day to makes their journeys in London easier. The design is so successful that it's essence has been used for many train networks all across the world.

We've mixed elements of our existing geometric wall art with elements of the London Underground map to create some bold, colourful pieces of contemporary, minimalist geometric art. Each artwork celebrates a different station.

london underground wall art

If you've been to London you'll know that the tube stations are grouped into zones (a station's zone is roughly determined by how close to central London it is). A station can lie on a single rail line or it can have several lines running through it. Kings Cross St Pancras has six different tube lines running through it, more than any other underground station.

Our geometric artworks use an underground station as a starting point. We take the number and names of the lines to create the artwork. Now, we haven't gone and created artworks for all 270 underground stations (that would take quite a while!) but the ones you can see on this page give you a good idea of how they look.

london underground wall art

Who Wants Geometric Art Based on A London Underground Station?

We can think of several groups of people who might like a print like this:

  • Someone who lives in London and uses the tube every day - which is the station nearest their home?
  • Someone who works in London - what's the nearest tube station to their workplace?
  • Someone who is leaving a job in London (either though retirement or moving on to another job) - a print like this is a nice twist on a more traditional retirement gift.
  • Someone who's visited London and has fond memories of using the tube system (the memories might not be so fond if they used the system on a busy, crowded, hot day!)
  • Someone who's moved into a new home in the London area

These prints are primarily about the geometric image - the colours, the sequence of colours (where there's more than one colour), the shapes. They exist to give pleasure to the eye. It's only when you get closer to read the text that the extra layer of meaning (the connection to a particular underground station) becomes obvious.

Here's a close up to show the line names more clearly:

london underground wall art - close up

Here's the full print design:

London Underground Wall Art

Personal? Or Personalised?

If you're choosing a London Underground print as a gift, it's already personal: you've gone to the trouble of deciding which tube station would be the best one to appear on the print.

But you can make it more personal!

(By the way, we don't really like the term 'personalised'. It sounds like some automated factory process.)

Personal prints have a connection to a person. If it's a gift, the print is a connection between you and the person you're giving to. And you can make that connection stronger with your own message. You can include a date, a place name, a description - anything, any little thing, that evokes a memory or raises a smile - it all helps to strengthen the connection and make the gift more special.

Even stations that only have one or two lines running through them make bold pieces of art:

london underground wall art

london underground wall art

Which is your favourite London tube station and why? Drop us a comment!

Check out all elevencorners geometric art here. We specialise in using pieces of information, like dates or longitudes/latitudes, and turning them into geometric art.

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