R.E.M. Gifts - Unique Gifts For R.E.M. Fans

July 22, 2021 3 min read

R.E.M. Gifts - Unique gifts for REM fans

R.E.M. Gifts - Unique Gifts For R.E.M. Fans

R.E.M. released their first single (Radio Free Europe) in 1981 and have continued to release music ever since. Even though they called it a day in 2011, after the Collapse Into Now album, new live collections have been released since then, including the rather enormous 'R.E.M. at the BBC' set.

There's a lot of R.E.M. music out there for fans to find, including a whole load of exclusive fan club singles. But if you're looking for a unique gift for an R.E.M. fan and you want something other than the music, read on...

1. R.E.M. Crossword Poster

A crossword poster that shows the original line up of the band (Berry, Buck, Mills and Stipe) along with a history of releases: all the studio albums and a handful of the singles and live albums too, all shown in date order. Singles and albums are shown in different fonts so it's easy to tell them apart.

This print is a reminder of just how much quality music R.E.M. have released over the years. It's available in several colour combinations. Here's what it looks like in red and black...

R.E.M. crossword poster

A close up view shows a bit more of the lovely detail...
R.E.M. crossword poster - close up

2. R.E.M. Discography Print

A piece of wall art showing a discography of R.E.M.: 15 studio albums, 2 live albums, EPs and all the singles that reached the UK top 20. It's a fantastic celebration of R.E.M. music.

You can personalise the print by adding an optional message. The message is integrated into the design, appearing on up to 4 record spines at the top right of the print. If you're choosing this print as a gift, adding your own message is a great way to make it a touch more personal. 

One of the nice things about these discography prints is that they look great hanging on a wall, with their patterns of bold, coloured stripes, but up close you enter whole new world: anyone reading the amazing catalogue of R.E.M. releases will soon be talking about the music...Which era was best? What's your favourite song? Did you ever see REM live? When you write REM, should you put a dot between each letter: R.E.M.? What did you think of Around The Sun? And many other questions...

R.E.M. record collection discography print


Close up of the text on the discography print:

R.E.M. record collection discography print

3. Alternative Cover Art For R.E.M. Albums - Custom Geometric Art

We use one form of art (the music on an album) to create another, a geometric artwork. Using the song lengths of all the songs on an album, we create a unique piece of art. These pieces are bold and colourful (we offer several colour combinations).

The artwork for R.E.M.'s 1991 album 'Out Of Time' is shown below in green and black. The top of the artwork shows the album's opener, Radio Song, and the album's closing song, Me In Honey, is at the bottom. 

We can also add a Spotify Code to the bottom of geometric art prints.

Read this to find out more about how we create geometric art from albums.

R.E.M. Out Of Time Geometric Art

4. R.E.M. Albums Crossword

What? Another crossword?! Well, yes, why not?

This is a traditional crossword with clues and answers. The answers are the R.E.M. studio album titles. The clues are the album's release dates and, where the album has a long title (like Fables of the Reconstruction - always loved that as a title!), the second half of the title also appears in the clue.

It's essential wall art for crossword-loving R.E.M. fans!

R.E.M. albums crossword print

We create unique wall art for lots of music artists, not only R.E.M. 

See all elevencorners music discography prints here.

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