Pink Floyd Gifts - Unique Gifts For Pink Floyd Fans

July 31, 2021 4 min read

Unique gifts for Pink Floyd fans

Pink Floyd Gifts - Unique Gifts For Pink Floyd Fans

Pink Floyd are a phenomenal band who have released a lot of great music over the last few decades. The band have had their internal disagreements but the music lives on. They've released some enormously successful albums (The Dark Side Of The Moon, The Wall) and their last studio album, The Endless River, released in 2014, topped album charts across the world. 

What kind of unique gift can you get a dedicated Pink Floyd fan? Without further ado, let's get started...

1. Pink Floyd Albums Crossword Poster

A crossword that's more than a crossword! It's a crossword and a Pink Floyd timeline rolled into one. The crossword shows the band name along with the names of the band members in the classic Pink Floyd line-up: Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright.

The timeline runs, just like a page in a book, from top left to bottom right. It shows years interspersed with the titles of all the Pink Floyd studio albums and a handful of live albums and key songs. On the first square the print shows the name of Syd Barrett, without whom Pink Floyd history would have been very different. 

The crossword poster is a real celebration of Pink Floyd music - they've released such a lot of great music over many years. The print is available in several colours and it's a striking gift for a Pink Floyd fan, especially one who already has all the music. 

Pink Floyd crossword poster

When you get up close to the print you can see that it has an attractive textured appearance. Albums and songs are printed in different fonts so it's easy to tell which is which:

Pink Floyd crossword poster

2. Pink Floyd Discography Record Collection Print

We offer two different record collection prints. They look similar from a distance but up close they're very different. We have two prints for Pink Floyd because they've released such a lot of music, both as a band and as solo artists.

The first record collection print is a Pink Floyd discography: studio albums, live albums, compilation albums and key singles, all pictured as though stacked tightly together on a shelf (all records are shown at the same size, including the singles - they're easier to read this way and this print is meant to give the impression of a record collection rather than be an exact replica of one). 

Pink Floyd record collection discography print


Up close you can see the text on each record: 

Pink Floyd record collection discography print

The second Pink Floyd record collection print is a celebration of Pink Floyd music AND the music of its members. The print features Pink Floyd albums and albums by Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Richard Wright and Syd Barrett. The albums are presented in a random order:

Pink Floyd Record Collection print

Both record collection prints have the option to include your own message. The message is printed discreetly on the record spines (so it looks as through the message is part of the spine rather than an afterthought). 

Adding a message is a brilliant way to make the print really personal, so it's a nice option to have if you're choosing this print as a gift for a Pink Floyd fan.

3. Pink Floyd Crossword print

What? Another crossword? Well, yes. Pink Floyd are a great band - they deserve two crosswords! This one is very traditional: black and white, clues and answers. You can personalise this crossword with your own line of text (printed at the bottom of the print).

The crossword shows the titles of all 15 Pink Floyd studio albums. The title may be split across the answer and the clue, and all the clues also include the album's release date. If you know a crossword-loving Pink Floyd fan, this could be the gift for them!

Pink Floyd Crossword Print

Here's what the whole crossword print looks like:

Pink Floyd crossword print

4. Pink Floyd Alternative Album Covers - Geometric Art

We create bold geometric artworks from the tracks on Pink Floyd albums. We turn one form of art (the album) into another (the geometric artwork). We use the sequence and the lengths of the songs on an album to create the art. 

Read more about how we create the geometric art for albums here.

One of the beautiful things about Pink Floyd's music is that the songs vary considerably in length - they never felt bound by the three minute single, they let the music stretch out to however long (or short) it needed to be. This makes for some quite striking geometric artworks, different to those created from most other bands albums.

The best way to understand what we do is to see an example. Here's the Wish You Were Here album. The tracks are shown in order from top to bottom and you can see that Shine On You Crazy Diamond dominates the artwork (the top and bottom 'arrows' on the artwork), just like the song dominates the album:

Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here geometric art

Here's The Dark Side Of The Moon in a different geometric style. Here each circle represents a song, and the size of the circle represents the length of the song. This one is so interesting because the artwork makes obvious what most listeners probably know unconsciously already: the album is a sandwich of short songs at the beginning and end, with the longer, weightier songs in the middle:

Pink Floyd geometric artwork

Geometric art prints come in several different colour schemes - most of them are quite bold as the art looks best that way: bold colours and bold shapes that represent bold music.

On our geometric art prints we can print the band name, album title and track listing, but you can opt to leave these out for the 'pure' artwork.

5. Pink Floyd Cassette Tape Print

A personalised cassette tape print where you customise the cassette labels - this design shows eight songs (or albums, if you prefer) on one print. Pick your  favourite Pink Floyd songs! 

We have several other cassette tape print designs too, showing from one to eight cassette tapes. All of them can be personalised with Pink Floyd songs!

Cassette Tape Prints

We create unique wall art for other music artists too, not just Pink Floyd. 

See all elevencorners music discography prints here.

See all elevencorners music wall art here, including music crosswords and turning albums into geometric art.

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