Unique Personalised Gifts - How To Make Your Gift Special

June 17, 2021 5 min read

Unique personalised gifts - how to make your gift special

Unique Personalised Gifts - How To Make Your Gift Special

Let's dive straight in...

Unique - "being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else."

Personalised - "design or produce (something) to meet someone's individual requirements"

Gift - "a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present"

We've collected some elevencorners designs here that we believe to be unique. We designed them as unique personalised gifts. As far as we know, you can't get personalised print designs like the ones below anywhere else (if you find someone else offering something similar, please let us know! We don't want to claim to be unique when we're not.)

Is It Important To Give A Unique Gift?

Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

Unique personalised gifts have several important advantages:

  • You can be sure that whoever's receiving your gift doesn't already have it and won't have been given it by someone else
  • A unique gift is a great way to show that you care about someone
  • A unique gift shows that you've treated the person you're giving to as an individual rather than as 'just another person to get a gift for'
  • A unique gift has a brilliant element of surprise when it's unwrapped - the novelty alone gives it an extra boost, especially if the receiver hasn't seen anything like it before
  • Unique gifts stand out, they're a talking point, they're conversation-worthy, so people talk about them - the gift you give could keep on giving for years as the subject of conversation.

But it's good to remember that uniqueness isn't everything.

We think it's more important to be personal than to be unique - there's no point giving someone a special bag of unique coffee beans if they depise coffee! Personal gifts have a connection to the person you're giving to. We don't really like the term 'personalised' because it sounds like some sort of automated factory process - but we have to use this term because everybody else does!

If you can find a unique gift and make it personal, then it's going to be a special gift and you're on to a winner!

Is It Important To Give A Special Gift?

Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Gifts should always be special! But what is special?

Special -"better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual"

If you can't give a special gift, you can give an ordinary gift in a special way! How?

  • Make the giving of the gift part of the gift
  • Visit somewhere special or somewhere you don't usually go and make giving the gift a bit of an event
  • Make giving your gift memorable in some way, make it out of the ordinary - wrap it up in lots of layers or hide it and drop hints about where it's hidden
  • Make the person you're giving the gift to feel special!

(1) Personalised Record Collection Print

Here's a record collection that you can customise with someone's favourite music. It looks like a row of records on a shelf, with the records all leaning against one another. It's a brilliant gift for a music lover and you can customise the music that appears on it in so many different ways: 

  • EVERY INDIVIDUAL ALBUM - send us the artist/title of each individual album
  • ONE ARTIST - we'll fill the print with albums, live albums, compilations, EPs, singles (and even individual songs if we need more music to fill the print)
  • SEVERAL ARTISTS - send us a few artists and we'll fill the print with music by those artists
  • A YEAR - we'll fill the print with popular albums from your chosen year
  • A GENRE - we'll fill the print with popular music from your chosen genre
  • AN ONLINE LINK - send us the link to an online article (e.g. top 100 albums from the 1990s)

It's an attractive piece of wall art in it's own right but it's when you get close and start looking at the record spines that you realise just how personal this is as a gift - this is a unique personalised gift that triggers memories and starts conversations.

Read more about record collection prints here.

Read this blog post to see how one customer came up with a unique twist on how to select the music for their record collection print.

Personalised Record Collection Print

Here's a close-up view of the record spines:

Personalised Record Collection Print


(2) Personalised Geometric Coordinates Print

This print celebrates a special location - someone's home, the place whey got married, a special holiday destination, or any other place that's important to them.

We take the longitude and latitude coordinates of the location and we turn them into a piece of striking geometric art. You can read the longitude and latitude back out of the artwork too. There are a multitude of more traditional prints that show the coordinates as text (we have some of these too!). Showing coordinates as an image seems obvious, but we haven't seen anyone else doing this! 

This one's in black and white - we do offer other colours too, of course.

Personalised Geometric Art Coordinates Print

(3) Special Date Mandala Prints

Imagine having a piece of art created for your birthday, using the date of your birthday. That's exactly what this mandala is. 

We all have special dates in our lives - the date we were born, the date we were married or engaged, the date we moved into a new home. Celebrations and events are often based around special dates so we designed a special mandala that celebrates your special date.

We take the date - the day of the week and the day, month and year - and we turn it into a mandala. This means that the mandala is an incredibly personal piece of art that has a direct link to the special date - the artwork wouldn't exist without the date. You can read the date back out of the mandala.

Like coordinates wall art, there are many more traditional special date prints that display the date as text, but this mandala print is something unique. It's something special, just like the date it celebrates. 

Personalised Special Date Mandala Print

Here's a close up of a mandala in a different colour. You can see some of the intricate patterns of the mandala here...

Personalised Special Date Mandala Print

We also create mandalas that turn a specific time date date into a piece of wall art. This is a perfect and personal gift for celebrating the birth of a new baby, or the exact moment of a marriage - any event where you know the exact moment (down to the minute!) that it happened.

Read more about our mandalas here.

Here's a close-up section of a mandala created from a time and date:

Personalised Special Date and Time Mandala Print

(4) Personalised Family Flowers Prints

A whole family depicted as a row of colourful flowers - but what makes it unique? Each flower is 'grown' from the date of birth of the family member. We turn each date of birth into a flower - the outer petals show the days, inner petals show the month and the centre of the flower shows the year.

There's a choice of colours so each person can have the most appropriate colour. It's a unique family gift that's also very personal.

Personalised Family Flowers Print

This print is available with a pale background too. We can fit between three and six flowers on a print.

Personalised Family Flowers Print

Do you have an idea for a unique personalised print? Drop us a comment to let us know what it is - who knows, maybe we'll create it!

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