Personalised Gifts For Music Lovers

October 20, 2020 5 min read

personalised gifts for music lovers

Personalised Gifts For Music Lovers

Know someone who loves music? It's not always easy to find a gift for them. They probably already have oodles of music. They might even have multiple versions of oodles of music. And trying to anticipate music they don't have but might like can be a bit of a minefield.

Why? Because music is such a personal thing. It's part of our identity.

We've designed some personalised prints specifically for music lovers. But before we get to the prints themselves, there's one very important question.

What sort of prints do music lovers love? 

  • prints that celebrate their kind of music
  • prints that celebrate a special album or song
  • prints that celebrate a favourite artist
  • prints that allow them to celebrate their musical taste

Without further ado, or further adon't, here are some unique personalised gift ideas for lovers of music...

(If you're looking for prints for a specific band, check out our blog posts here: Pink Floyd, R.E.M., Foo Fighters, The Beatles, Genesis, Oasis.)


Personalised Record Collection Print

This print shows a picture of a vinyl music collection where you choose the artists and albums (or you give us information to choose for you). The print looks like a shelf of vinyl LP record album spines and, depending on print size, you can display up to 100 albums on it.

There are loads of different ways to tell us what music you want to appear on your print:

  • a favourite artist
  • several favourite artists
  • a genre
  • a year
  • specify every single individual album
  • any other way you can think of! We're very flexible!

One thing you should know about this print: it's an amazing conversation-starter.

Imagine walking into someone's home and seeing the print on their wall. You tilt your head to browse along the list of titles, just like you do if you're browsing a real record collection. You pick out albums you like, albums you hate, albums you're intrigued by, albums you've never heard of. Before you know it, you're talking about the music and reaching for the play button...

Read more about the fine art of browsing of vinyl LP record collection.

We have a range of record collections for different artists - discographies that are perfect for fans of a specific artist. If we haven't got something for the artist you have in mind, just let us know and we'll see if we can create one specially for you. 

Here are all the record collection discography prints.

Along the same lines, we have a range of record collection prints that celebrate particular years - they're perfect as birthday gifts for music lovers.

Here are the Year Of Music record collection prints


Music Crossword Prints

Yes, rock 'n' roll and crosswords do go together - who'd have thought it? The idea is simple:

  • choose a band or musician
  • take all their studio albums and arrange the titles in a crossword design
  • include the album's release date as the crossword clue for each album
  • you end up with a brilliant and unique celebration of your favourite artist's music
  • there's not much more to it than that, but you can read our blog all about music crosswords here 

 music discography crossword prints


Custom Cassette Tape Art

Cassette tapes - remember them? A lot of people remember them fondly, largely for the wonderful opportunity they gave us to make our own mix tapes. What we don't remember so fondly is that awful moment when you realise the tape is spooling out of the cassette and jamming up your tape player. 

There has been a cassette tape revival of sorts recently. But will cassette tapes really have a revival like LP records?

We have a range of retro cassette tape art that you can customise with your own favourite music, with prints like this...

personalised cassette tape print



Custom Geometric Artwork For An Album

In order to celebrate an album - ANY album - we designed 'songcircles' geometric art prints. These prints are created from the songs on an album; every song is shown as a circle, a stylised record. The size of the circle is proportional to the length of the song. So the longest songs are the largest circles.

It turns out that if you create artworks from the track times of an album, you end up with something rather beautiful. What's more, the pattern of circles is different for every album. The artworks are unique.

That's why they make unique gifts - they're 'grown' directly from a favourite album and they're striking pieces of art. Hang them on the wall and you have a great story: artworks that wouldn't exist if the albums didn't exist.

They're easy to order too: you just need to tell us the artist and the album and choose a colour scheme.

What would your favourite album look like?

Read more about how we create geometric artworks from albums.


Here's another style of geometric artwork created from the running times of the songs on an album...this one echoes the look of a vinyl LP, with the first track appearing on the outside of the circle and the final track in the middle.


Song Title Print

Song titles can sometimes convey a wonderful message in a beautifully succinct way. It's often something simple and direct. A song can remind you of an event (like a wedding first dance) or a place or a time or a person.

If you can choose the right song title for the right person, you've got a brilliant gift.

With elevencorners song title prints, there's the option to add your own message to the bottom of the print, so you can make your gift extra personal. 

 i wanna hold your hand song print you've got a friend in me song print crazy little thing called love song print

Family Music Print

Let's finish up with something fun, something for all the family!

This personalised family print shows all the family names side by side, with a musical instrument pictured above each one. Choose a red electric guitar for Dad, a flying V for Mum. What instruments will the kids have? You decide!

Give you print a title and a subtitle and you're all set.


See the full range of elevencorners personalised music prints.

Why Do Personalised Prints Make Such Good Gifts?

  • because they're personal
  • because you treat the person you're giving the gift to as an individual (not as just another person to choose a gift for)
  • because they strengthen personal connections
  • because they're unique
  • because you can add 'a little bit of you' to the print
  • because prints are easy for the recipient to appreciate and display 
  • because they're easy for you, the giver, to order and personalise

Read more about why personalised prints are great gifts.

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